Curse, Spell and Hex Removal

I Will Remove The Curse Set Upon You

I will breaks and remove any curse – no matter how evil – leaving you psychically and mentally cleansed and healed, and free to live your life once again.

Did you want to become a client of Alex Telman?

If your life has been blighted by evil work, you will at last be freed from the terrible darkness that has been eating into your soul for far too long.

With the curse removed, a huge weight have have been lifted from your shoulders and you will feel vibrant and full of life and optimism again. In short, you will once more feel happiness and joy.

I will either cross the evil energy into the light or return it to where and who it came from- the choice will be yours.

Indian / Hindu curses

Christian prayer curses

Muslim curses

Aboriginal curses

Witches curses

Family curses

Karmic individual curses

Karmic family curses

Inter-generational curses

There are many many symptoms of a curse.

I have found the most common symptoms of a Curse, Spell or Hex are:

1. Loss of job and income,

2. Just ready to get a job and you miss it,

3. Good things are ready to happen but something bad interferes,

4. Repeated ‘bad luck’ – accidents, illness, etc.

5. Never seem to be able to hold onto money.

6. Broken relationships with children or spouse.

7. Feeling ‘down’ or confused.

If you feel you are the victim of a Curse, please contact me immediately and let us begin the removal process.


Is this you?

If you are suffering from a Curse that has been placed on you, your family and/or your home, your Curse Removal Sessions will restore clarity and harmony to your life.

You need to book Curse Removal Sessions if you suffer from any of the following symptoms that you believe are caused by other people’s energies:

Low energy level

Character shifts or mood swings

Hearing Constant Negative Inner voice(s)

Abuse of drugs (including alcohol)

Impulsive and Compulsive behavior

Memory problems

Poor concentration

Sudden onset of anxiety or depression

Sudden onset of physical problems with no obvious cause

New phobias or aversions

New allergies

New food cravings or taste preferences

New attitudes or prejudices

CURSE REMOVAL HEALING as applied by me will help you to initiate a transformation in which you will align your life with more positive and productive thoughts, thus creating a healthier and happier you.

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