Alex Telman is the Country's Foremost
Spiritual and Energy Healer

Professional Healer Since 1979.
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Spiritual and Energy Healer

Alex Telman

Alex Telman is a Professional
Spiritual and Energy Healer

 With Many Satisfied Clients Worldwide

Over 40 Years Experience

Traditional Healing That Works

Since the late 1970’s, Alex has been a pioneer in the field of freeing people of their negative energies and unwanted entities.  His unique ability is to not only diagnose and remove these negative energies face-to-face at his office or remotely via face-to-face Skype or remotely by distance healing, but also to embed positive energies in each person.  But more than that, Alex will also provide you with easy, yet powerful, activities that will keep your energies high after your session- permanently! 

“Much stronger than modern forms of healing, my traditional spiritual and energy healing has been effectively practiced for thousands of years. If you cannot get to my office, your Skype reading, healing and guidance via video call has been proven to be just as effective.

And because I care what happens to you after your sessions, with all healings and readings I provide you with personalised Activities, suited to you, to keep your energies high permanently. “ – Alex Telman.


It’s time to stop suffering. Why wait?

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Alex Telman, spiritual and energy healer since 1979

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 “I have one grand but striking vision: to make your world a better place.  I am passionate about making your life more meaningful, more productive  and a more peaceful and loving place.  So if  you are looking for a better future, I can make it real for you.” –Alex Telman.

Energy Healing

Via Face-to-Face by Skype and / or Distance healing.

It’s just like being at my Brisbane office

I have over 40 years experience as a professional healer; since 1979
I am a traditional healer with natural ability since childhood, and I have trained with the Masters since I was a teen
I will eliminate your negative energies and entities, then release and balance your ‘natural’ energies, then give you the tools to keep your energies high after our session

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Spiritual and Energy Healing

Via Face-to-Face by Skype and / or Distance Healing.

Energy and Spiritual Healings including:

Pre- and post- healing assessments
Negative energies released and much, much more.

In Combination with Skype Healing:

  • curse removal
  • entity / spirit release
  • black magic / spells broken 

I will eliminate your negative energies.


I Look Forward To Meeting Your Soon.
Alex Telman, spiritual and energy healer since 1979

“I make 3 Promises to You:

• that you will embrace a profound shift to a higher level of healing & empowerment

• that you will replace outworn habits and behavior patterns with greater confidence and personal power

• that you will access more powerfully and connect more meaningfully your inner and higher self.

I know that no matter where you are located, my healing will work for you!” — Alex Telman

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