The Healer:  Conversations with Alex Telman

by Emma Sargent

connect to spirit by alex telman

Have you ever wanted to connect to spirit?

I have been teaching people how-to for many years.  This book is a practical step-by-step, how-to guide teaching the reader to connect to the Afterlife; to deceased loved ones or a journey experiencing the various areas of life after death.

In this book you will learn in a simple step-by-step format how to connect to spirit- deceased loved ones and others if you so choose.

Connecting to the Afterlife is written by Alex Telman, a spiritual healer with over 40 years experience in this field and thousands of satisfied clients worldwide.

Alex has for many years conducted Afterlife workshops. Connecting to the Afterlife is a summary of the work conducted in those workshops.

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soul journey by alex telman


What happens when you die? What is heaven? What happens when you arrive there? How do you reincarnate?

In this interview Alex Telman, a therapist since 1979, answers these questions by recalling his personal experiences and connection to the Afterlife.

quotes by alex telman


As a Spiritual and Energy Healer and Personal Development Teacher of many years standing, Alex Telman is passionate about teaching his clients how to keep their energies high. In this wonderful collection of quotes, Alex draws on his 40 years experience teaching people to be happy with themselves and fall in love with their life. These quotes will fill you with hope, inner strength and wisdom.

Alex Telman shares with you his best and most inspiring quotes about personal love, life, motivation. These are short quotes for you to reference every day. Please enjoy.