I Will Teach You to Connect to Your Deceased Loved Ones

This is not an event aimed at debating spiritual or religious theories; this is a practical event that does not require you to hold any particular religious or other beliefs.

All the information and activities you will learn can be applied by you to connect with the spirit of your loved ones: family, friends, pets.

All activities are straight-forward, easily explained and can be applied by you.

Alex Telman, spiritual and energy healer since 1979

Alex Telman
Spiritual and Energy Healer
Alex is one of Australia's foremost healers and
teaches people how they can connect to the spirit realm.

You can talk to Spirits

I will teach you.

This Event will give you the tools to Connect to Deceased Loved Ones

I conduct intensive Workshops in throughout Australia: other locations by request.

This Event is only offered a few times each year. Act quickly before you miss your chance as places are strictly limited by the size of the room; so please book early to secure your place.

This Event is Straight-forward, Practical, Fun, Powerful and it Works.

Everyone can communicate with spirit if taught properly.

Helping you to discover what happens after death AND teaching you how to communicate with the Spirit of those who have passed on is what this Workshop is designed to do.

This is an intimate, intensive, and fun workshop for anyone who wants to connect with the spirit world and anyone who wonders what happens after we pass on; all activities are straight-forward and very practical.

Learn verifiable techniques to connect with those in the Afterlife. I will guide you in this process.

Learn How to Contact Deceased Loved Ones

The results will pleasantly surprise you.

If you have ever wanted to connect to a departed loved one, or you have always been interested in how to connect to Spirit, this is your opportunity. 

Your Workshop will be taught in 4 Parts:

PART 1 : Mapping the Afterlife

PART 2 : Preparing to Connect

PART 3: Connecting to Spirit

PART 4: Connecting continued

Specific topics include:

How to raise your Energy levels.

An explanation of the Afterlife landscape.

Places you might discover in your Afterlife explorations.

How to raise your Energy levels.

How to contact deceased loved ones.

How to become aware of Guidance.

Connect to deceased loved ones

How to perceive and remember your experience.

How to tell if it’s real or you’re making it up.

… And more.

Included are detailed Explanations, Instructions, Exercises, as well as a detailed ‘how to’ Manual.

What happens immediately after you die? What does the afterlife look like? plus: Practical exercises: How to Connect with Deceased Loved Ones. These questions, and many others you may have, will be answered according to my 40+ years experience in connecting people to the Afterlife.

As well as explanations and activities, time will be allotted for open, group discussion and questions. Notes (detailed explanations and instructions) are included for each participant.


Sydney = Bondi Junction

Melbourne = South Yarra  

Brisbane = Teneriffe


COST: $272 per participant

DAYS: Sunday 9.30 for 10.00 am start – 6.00 pm

TO BOOK: Please book at Eventbrite.com (I will link when next Workshop is announced)

Final Workshops for 2019:

Melbourne (November, 2019)

Sydney (November, 2019)

2020 Workshops

Sydney: Bondi, Sunday 15 February, 2020

Melbourne TBA

Brisbane TBA



Time: 1 Day; date and times by negotiation.
Minimum of 8 Participants – Different fees apply depending on location. (Host is free)
Venue: Host’s home or other nominated venue.
Bookings & Further Information: Please contact Alex on mobile 0410-690-847 or email me.