Some Distance Healing Testimonials...

I have tried your Distance Healing myself, now I have signed up my elderly parents. Beautiful. — Sandy, London 

I can honestly say your distant healing works. I have tried cheaper healers that didn’t work; but you do! — Karen, Los Angeles 

“I had been to 4 other healers before you and you are the only one that worked.” –Peter, Byron Bay 

“When I first contacted you I had no idea what was wrong with me or which healing to have. You told me that was your job to sort out and I laughed. You knew exactly what to do and it worked. Brilliant; I am over my rut now and have a constant smile on my face. Thank you…” — Natasha, Brisbane 

“Thank you so much for offering this healing service… and all my negativity released. I look forward to my future now, like never before.” — Patricia, Brisbane

“I can’t believe how clear and light I feel. It’s as though a blanket had been covering my brain and you have removed it.” — Gillian, Melbourne.

 “Alex, you have helped my parents, my sister and me… I would like to have to thank you once again for your devotion to my family and the help you have given us… I will recommend you to everyone…” — Sonja, Sydney 

I have tried so many therapies to raise my energies, but your distance healing is the only one that works. I have 1 session a week and my focus and concentration has improved dramatically. Thank you. — Maries, London 

Amazing! Overnight my love for life has returned. Thank you so much… — Jodie, New York 

… worked way above all my expectations. I feel free and alive… — James, London 

I don’t know what you did or how you did it, but I feel so much better able to cope. Thank you. — Sarah, Melbourne 

I had doubt, but not now. I have told my friends about you and they will be in contact. Incredible results… — Reena, Germany 

Distance Healing IS AMAZING… it is THE healing tool for the 21st Century… — Joel, USA

Distance Healing… unbelievable… thank you so much… — Karen, USA 

Every Distance Healing Session helps me to grow in wonderful new ways… I can’t thank you enough… — Pierre, France 

My entire outlook on life has changed. Bless you… — Craig, London 

Thank you for the remarkable power of your Healing Sessions… — Garry, Saudi Arabia 

I am sleeping well. I know you are blessed for doing this work… Iria, India 

During my Alex Telman distance healing, I came to feel attractive and proud… reborn… — Brett, LA 

Thank you thank you thank you… I have learnt how to fall in love with life again — Terry, New Zealand 

You are blessed, and now I feel blessed… — Van, China 

There are no words that can best express my gratitude to you… Karen, USA.

Many thanks once again to Alex for wonderful healing this month. I can’t believe I had so much going on in my head that was creating physical issues. The healing itself was gentle, relaxing and peaceful but the feeling of calm after the treatment is worth the world to me. And of course your activities have helped so much to keep my energies at a high level, and my business is booming again! Awesome. Thank you x -Kelly, Los Angeles

Alex has and still is helping me with his unique yet traditional healing. Alex has helped me with a long term anxiety and a deep rooted problem with self worth issues following life relationship challenges. I can now move forward positively with all areas of my life. I have had a lot of healing in my years of inner journey and I found Alex’s help to be very rare and special in this world. Many thanks Alex. Krystal, Huston

I had distance healing sessions with Alex for the past 6 weeks. The results are truly amazing. In fact I felt better just by booking Alex! I have suffered with anxiety and sadness for years. I can quite honestly say that after the distance healing sessions I felt 10 years younger- like a kid again! I felt like partying. Alex has a wonderful talent and I would recommend anyone to experience his healing abilities. Deb, England