What does it take to have an extraordinary life
every single day?

“Imagine how much easier life would be if every time
you start to feel anxious, stressed out or less than
completely in your power, you could quickly activate
your reservoir of inner strength, easily regain your
own power center and enjoy ‘inner peace’ as
your predominant way of being…
no matter what is going on in your world.”

Now imagine how all that can happen in just
1 effortless day of learning, focusing on the inner you.

Sounds too good to be true?  It’s not.  Graduates of the Inner Peace Bootcamp learn to experience inner peace each and every day, as they deepen their relationships, love their inner-selves, grow their businesses and passions,  and transform their lives.

                                                     And the best part?  We’re doing it again…  so YOU can join us next time!

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Welcome to your Inner Peace Bootcamp

The Inner Peace Bootcamp brings about a positive and permanent shift in the quality of people’s lives.  Everybody, no matter how successful, wants more out of life.  The Bootcamp shows you how to achieve more.  Much more.

By way of research and experimentation, the Bootcamp has been refined by Alex Telman over a period of 40 years.  The Bootcamp delivers unprecedented results in a very short amount of time.  Many people in many countries have participated in the Program.

Whether it be in your relationships, in your workplace, or in your own mind, it works!  All your negative self-talk and your negative behaviors will go into the background, and into the foreground will emerge a loving, confident, productive and satisfied you.

Negative self-image / self-talk is the epidemic of our time, and your negative self-image has a negative impact on the overall quality of your life.

Possible Examples of negative self-talk:  Your self-talk may include “I’m not good enough.”  “I am stupid.”  “I can’t succeed.”  ” I’m not important.”  “I’m alone.”  “I’m weak.”  “l am useless.”  “I always get it wrong.”  “I could never do that.”  or  “The world would be better of without me.”

Possible Outcomes of negative self-talk:  You may feel Withdrawn, Insecure, Underachieving, Angry, Unmotivated, Unhappy, Procrastination, or Lack self-confidence.

Your negative self-image is an attitude you hold that you persistently use to respond to life- it therefore has a profound impact on your behaviour.  But more than that, it is something that, at least internally, you constantly complain about, question whether it is a positive thing for you, and at times wish it wasn’t there.  Still. you seem to automatically and predictably think and act this way.  Basically, your negative self-image runs, and at times, yes, ruins your life.

Your negative self-image does not allow your life to work the way you want it to:  You may carry a judgmental attitude toward others, procrastinate or act in a passive-aggressive manner, or go through life playing out a “poor me” victim role.  The  universal costs to having a negative self-image impact dramatically in at least four areas of your life:  1. Love and Relationships, 2. Health and Vitality, 3. Satisfaction and Fulfillment, and 4. Self-expression.

If you are unsatisfied by these negative behaviors and attitudes, yet continue to do them, then you need to do the Bootcamp.

The Bootcamp is practical, and I mean it!  It is not airy-fairy, not religious, nor even spiritual, though many clients do experience ‘spiritual’ growth.  And all clients experience a dramatic rise in their energy level and ability to perform effectively in their lives.

The Bootcamp has a powerful, practical impact on the issues that determine your personal effectiveness.  The Bootcamp is engaging, stimulating, and profound.  In fact, the Bootcamp promises to produce an extraordinary advantage in your personal effectiveness and a decisive edge in your ability to achieve.

As successful, healthy people, we already know much of what we want for ourselves, our families, our society, our world.  The work you do in the Bootcamp builds the momentum and accelerates the speed at which you convert these goals into reality.

Personal effectiveness is thought to be a matter of skill, ability, knowledge and / or effort.  In fact – it is not.

When you get underneath the explanations and opinions, when you take an honest, no-nonsense look at yourself or people you know who are effective, creative, competent and able – clearly what is happening is simply that you or they are:

being effective

being creative

being competent

being able.

It is as straightforward as that.  When you are being effective, you are being effective.

⇒  But what is being, really?

Alex Telman, spiritual and energy healer since 1979

Being is thought to be abstract, intangible, elusive; and not something concrete, practical, or something that can be taught or learnt.  Nevertheless, in all performance, being is that one essential ingredient which makes the difference, which gives one human being a decisive edge, a personal advantage.  It is those with this edge or advantage in being who stand out.

Being is a dimension of ourselves.  Being is that dimension of ourselves that shapes our actions, our performance and ultimately determines what we accomplish.  Being limits or expands our creativity, vitality, happiness and satisfaction.  Being fashions our personality, our character.  Being literally determines who you are.

Is this attribute a gift that some are born with and not others?  Is it gained through education, intelligence, experience or by chance, by accident, by luck?

⇒  How does one get a handle on being?

Being puts you center stage.

The Promise of the Bootcamp.

Your participation in the Bootcamp takes you beyond a mere understanding of being, beyond even an occasional, unpredictable experience of being, and provides you with direct access to the domain of being itself.  This is the magic of the Bootcamp.  This is the Bootcamp’s edge.  

By providing access to being, the Bootcamp gives you the key to shaping action, performance and results.  Here you find the actual source of ability, competence and productivity.  It is like putting your hands directly on the levers and controls of personal effectiveness, creativity, vitality and satisfaction.

Out of the Bootcamp, you bring this “magic” to all areas of your life- to your relationships with your family, friends and associates, to your enjoyment of life, to your thinking, communicating and acting, to your recreation and to your work.

The Bootcamp is a lasting breakthrough.  Out of the Bootcamp, people find themselves at an unexpected level of aliveness, enjoyment and excellence.

Who benefits from the Bootcamp?

For the already successful, there is a new experience of freedom and ease.  One has grace under pressure; one’s struggle with time is transformed.

For the already healthy, there is a new experience of vitality and aliveness- a vigor, a flow of energy which naturally matches the opportunities and challenges in one’s life.

For the already committed, there is a new depth of relationship and communication.  The Program’s contribution to one’s relationships is especially profound; one experiences new possibilities and qualities in the relationships one has.

For the already accomplished, there is a new experience of fulfillment and satisfaction- that special sense of certainty and excitement that one experiences on the leading edge of performance, productivity and achievement.

For the already knowledgeable, there are insights and breakthroughs in creativity- a new experience of opportunity.  One’s horizon of possibility expands; there are new perspectives for contribution, for making a difference.

Alex Telman, spiritual and energy healer since 1979

Participants in the Bootcamp are individuals with their own particular interests, concerns, commitments and goals.  They come from various backgrounds and professions and have various points of view.  What they have in common is: they are healthy, able, independent people who think for themselves.  While the Bootcamp is designed to provide all the benefits to each participant, people’s individual issues and concerns tailor its impact to their own lives.

The Bootcamp is conducted over 8 consecutive days.

What happens when you enroll?

I will send you daily emails over 8 days, with instructions.  Each email will contain a practical, straight-forward activity.  Each activity will build on the day before.  Follow the instructions and within a very short space of time you won’t recognize yourself.  Yes, your life will change for the better.


If not now… when?

Enroll in the Bootcamp now:


The cost of changing your life is $179 (AUD) one time payment

“My time of stress is over. I put all your activities to practice… Thank you.” -Anika, Denmark

“Anika made me do it. F***g awesome Alex. Thank you. “Jim, Denmark

“I am so much more grounded than I have ever felt. I’ve finally got it all together.” Leo, Melbourne

“So easy to practice, so powerful, spiritual yet practical and I feel FREEEEE.” Anita, London

“God bless you, mate.  I have been teaching your activities to all my friends and colleagues. Revolutionary my friend.” Boris, Germany