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What is Energy Healing?
Energy healing is based on the belief that our “life force” creates energy fields that are unbalanced during emotional or physical disease. Because our energy fields are part of an interconnected whole, the use of focused intention by one individual can aid in the health and well being of another.

An interesting feature of energy healing is that it may be performed over distances of thousands of miles. The “life force” claimed to be transmitted by energy healers does not have the properties of any known form of energy. A comparable practice to energy healing that is used frequently in the West is prayer. A 1996 survey showed that 82 percent of Americans believed in the healing power of prayer. A survey of patients in American Cancer Society support groups for breast cancer found that 88 percent experienced beneficial effects of energetic – spiritual and religious – practice.

After you’ve completed this course, you’ll have a clear understanding of what energy healing is, how it works and how you can make it work for you — in a personal or a professional setting.

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Your Diploma of Energy Healing will be emailed to you fortnightly as Seven straight-forward,  practical, and easy to learn Modules:


Lesson 1Introduction to Energy Healing
Lesson 2The Workings of Energy & How to Sense It
Lesson 3The Workings of Healing & Understanding Illness and
Lesson 4How to be a Practitioner
Lesson 5Popular Healing Techniques
Lesson 6Advanced Healing Techniques and Tools
Lesson 7Becoming a Professional Healer: A Game Plan


Lesson 1Introduction to the Chakras
Lesson 2Cleansing and Balancing the Root Chakra
Lesson 3Cleansing and Balancing the Sacral Chakra
Lesson 4Cleansing and Balancing the Solar Plexus Chakra
Lesson 5Cleansing and Balancing the Heart Chakra
Lesson 6Cleansing and Balancing the Throat Chakra
Lesson 7Cleansing and Balancing the Brow Chakra
Lesson 8Cleansing and Balancing the Crown Chakra
Lesson 9Introduction to Cleansing the Aura
Lesson 10Cleansing and Balancing the Minor Chakras Part 1
Lesson 11Cleansing and Balancing the Minor Chakras Part 2
Lesson 12Cleansing and Balancing the Minor Chakras Part 3


Lesson 1Introduction to the Aura
Lesson 2The Aura – Chakra Connection
Lesson 3Learning to See the Aura
Lesson 4Meaning of Aura Colours
Lesson 5Aura Shapes and Sizes
Lesson 6Strengthening and Protecting the Aura
Lesson 7Empowering the Aura
Lesson 8Healing Power of the Aura
Lesson 9Changing Your Aura
Lesson 10Protecting Your Energy System


Lesson 1Healing with Crystals
Lesson 2Healing with Colour
Lesson 3Healing with Essences
Lesson 4Healing with Food


Lesson 1How to be kind and generous to yourself and
to others
Lesson 2How to be open and honest with yourself and others
Lesson 3How to be true to your word
Lesson 4How to be compassionate to yourself and to others
Lesson 5How to be grateful for all you have, good and bad


Bonus LessonVery often you will be asked
to interpret your Client’s dreams. Here I outline a simple methodology
for interpretating any dream presented to you.


Bonus LessonVery often you will be asked, “I have
this ailment, what chakra is that and why am I experiencing this illness?”
This Lesson will answer those questions.

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