Hi.  I am glad you made it to this page. 

I have seen and experienced many extraordinary events in my many years as a spiritual healer.  Many not even I can explain.  This is one such event.

In 1996 I had a client; let’s call her Eileen.  Eileen was in her mid-70s and had been diagnosed with a very aggressive form of cancer.  The doctors had given her 6 months to live.  

Eileen came to me for a program of healings and felt much more at peace thereafter.  Of course I explained to her that I do not cure cancer, and I would like to emphasize this now.

As a final gift to herself, Eileen treated herself and her childhood girlfriend a holiday to Sweden.  It had been a life-long dream of hers to travel to Sweden, but she never had the opportunity to go there.  Eileen had often dreamed of walking through a forest in Sweden, and that dream always seemed to relax her; somehow it felt like her real home.  Often when she felt stressed, the thought of the forest in Sweden would calm her.  This seemed strange to her as Eileen was of Irish descent and except for a trip to the U.S.A and an occasional holiday to Bali, she had never left her birthplace of Australia.

Eileen and her friend traveled to Sweden and spent a month there.  They mostly stayed in the center of Sweden on the edge of a large forest.  Packing a picnic breakfast, every morning they would walk through the forest.  She felt invigorated.  Energized.  Every evening at dusk,  she would would walk into the forest alone.  

Two evenings before they were to leave the forest and begin their journey home to Australia, Eileen realized she had neglected to take photos of the forest.   So, as was her routine, Eileen walked into the forest at dusk; this time armed with her camera.  She took two rolls of film; in those days rolls of film contained 24 shots.  So Eileen took 48 photos.  

It was a chilly evening, but as she approached a particularly striking tree, she felt a warmth through her body.  The closer she got to the tree, the warmer and more exhausted she felt.  Eileen took the last of the photos she had left in her camera; photos of that particular tree.  She sat nearby and felt so warm and comfortable, she fell asleep.

When Eileen woke up some time later, she knew that something was different.  But as she realized that she had slept a number of hours and it was nearly 10pm, she rushed back to the hotel.  

The staff and Eileen’s friend were waiting for her, worried.  She laughed of their concern and went to her room to pack.

The next few days were very rushed.  A bus to Stockholm, arriving late evening.  Check into an overnight hotel.  Out to find something to eat.  Awake the next morning.  Checkout.  Hurry to the airport.  Long flight back to Australia.  Taxi home.  Jet lag.  It was another 3 days before Eileen realized she should develop the photos she took in the forest.  But there was no time for that as she had doctor’s appointments and medical tests at the hospital.  Another 3 or 4 days past before she thought of developing the photos.  But not yet as her children were flying in from interstate.  Children.  Grandchildren.  Very busy.  

She had the sense that her children were saying their final goodbyes as they treated her with the kind of affection that was rare for them.  The following morning the hospital rang and asked her come in immediately.  Scared at more bad news, she asked her daughter to drive her to the hospital.  

Her family gathered around and everyone cried.  “I’m not dead yet!” she remembered saying.  Eileen was of very stoic Irish heritage and not prone to much sentimentality.

At the hospital, Eileen and her daughter were ushered into a doctor’s waiting room; and waited.  Fifteen minutes and both were very nervous and very fidgety. 

Doctor John (no, that is not his real name), who had been treating Eileen for the past 18 months, came in.  He looked at her very strangely. 

“How did you do it?” he asked.

“Do what?” 

“The cancer, Eileen.  It has completely gone… Nothing… Clear.”

When Eileen went to pick up her photos, she was told by the developer that only one photo had worked.  The other 47 were over-developed; they were no good whatsoever. 

Eileen paid the developer for his service and walked out of the shop.  She opened the envelope that contained the one photo which was redeemable.  And she totally baffled.

She was totally baffled when she saw the tree she photographed in that forest in central Sweden.  The tree was there, but so was what appeared to be a woman standing behind the tree.  Eileen was absolutely certain there was no one else there when she took the photo; she was alone.

The woman is wearing a long gown and in each outstretched hand is holding a long row of beads.

As Eileen stood in shock staring at the photo of the tree and the woman, the feeling of warmth returned.  Fearing she would faint as the feeling of exhaustion also returned, she put the photo away and hurried home. 

Later, upon further investigation, Eileen and others have noticed many other things living in this photo.

For example, at the woman’s shoulder level are two huge black eyes, part of a face behind the woman… the forehead of the man begins at the woman’s neck level.

The reflection of creatures may be seen in the man’s eyes.  There are also creatures at the left and right of the woman.  

What else can YOU find in the photo?

Please note that Eileen passed away  in her mid-90s.  She had no illnesses, and whenever she felt unwell, Eileen would take out this photo, meditate on it, begin feeling warm and tired, sleep or rest, and then feel better.  Oh, and did I mention that her sleep in the forest also cured her arthritis and short-sightedness?   

A number of people who have studied the photo over the years have also reported interesting reactions- all positive.

If you have such a response, please let me know.

AND for the cynics out there… this photo was taken before 70 year olds knew how to manipulate photos.

How did I get the photo?  Eileen made a copy from the original negative and gave it to me.  What you see below is a photo I took of the original I have.

I hope you enjoy the image below.