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You are now a loved one.

  • love


This powerful hypnosis session will help you tap into that potential to enjoy a life of happiness and love.

You will activate and increase your inner attractiveness as this hypnosis session programs your mind to attract love to you!  Using hypnosis empowers you to access and impact your mind at the powerful unconscious level, right at the root of where “The Law of Attraction” resides in you!  Attract love to you.

  • confidence


Do you find it difficult to believe in yourself and your abilities?  Do you lack the proper confidence needed to succeed in today’s world?  The good news is that they can be changed.  Hypnosis accesses the unconscious mind and uses the power of suggestion to facilitate positive change. 

This hypnosis session can help you gain complete and total self confidence and self esteem.  Feel unstoppable, and accomplish all that you ever wanted!

  • fear


Hypnosis utilizes the heightened awareness of the hypnotic state to help you explore and overcome your fears more deeply.  You will be guided by Alex to visualize yourself in a state of peacefulness and relaxation, even when confronting the object of your fears.

This full hypnosis session may help release the fear that has been holding you back.

Bring back your peace of mind now.

  • insomnia


Bring more peace & joy to your sleep.

This full hypnosis session can transform your sleep into a calm, joyful experience that regenerates your entire being.

You will learn to let go and enjoy the comfort and peacefulness of your sleep.

Reinvigorate your life with the most calming, blissful sleep!

  • procrastination


Do you always seem to find excuses to avoid doing your task at hand?

If you find it hard to overcome the mental hurdles that are blocking you from doing what you have to do, this session will free you from this self sabotaging behavior. 

Turn that conscious knowledge into powerful unconscious drive. 

Do it now!

  • spirit


This hypnosis session will allow you to connect with Spirit and tune into the powers of the Universe and your Higher Self.

Connect and tune in and attract positive, enlightening energies into your life.

This hypnosis session will change your perception on how you see this world, and tap into a source and allow it to flow into your life.

Let Alex transform your consciousness into the brightest of ways.

Expand yourself closer to source now.

Bonus Hypnosis Sessions if You Need the Help


This powerful self hypnosis, hypnotherapy session will help you to overcome any addictive pattern of behaviour.

This session will help with all types of addiction including:

Drugs, Food, Alcohol, Gambling, TV, Internet, Sex, Computers, Shopping, Nicotine, Caffeine, Dieting, Chocolate, Nail biting, Work, and so on.


Chronic pain has been referred to as a the world’s silent epidemic.  Your Pain Management hypnosis session is a natural method to help you relieve physical pain and feel better.

In studies that have looked at long-term hypnosis treatments, the percentage of participants who experienced significant reductions in pain rises.  So if you are suffering, listen to this session a number of times.


Are you a smoker and you desperately want to quit once and for all?

This full hypnosis session will help you fight off the urge to smoke.

Alter your thoughts and urges about smoking definitively with this powerful subliminal session- listen to it a number of times for best results.


If you are overweight or out of shape this hypnosis session on mp3 is a natural method to help you lose weight and feel better.

Do you find it very difficult to get yourself in the right mindset to lose those extra pounds, keep them off, and have greater control over yourself? Now, you have the proper tool to transform yourself into the person you truly want to be!