Each attunement is available to you (24/7) to facilitate you in meditating every day, at whatever time you like, in whatever time zone you live.

There are thousands of people connecting to the attunement and meditating in every time zone; so join with others as the effects of group meditation has been proven to have a powerful and significant ripple effect and healing power.

There are 15 attunements available to suit your particular needs.   They run  non-stop 24 / 7 so please feel free to join any time.

We recommend you spend at least 15 minutes meditating; so each attunement lasts 15 minutes.  Please feel free to meditate as many times as you like.

We recommend people meditate between 6 – 7am and/or 8 – 9 pm in your time zone, although world wide people meditate at any times that suit their lifestyle.

Anyone around the globe is welcome to join us at any time – and many thousands do.