Home and Business Clearing, and Family Healing

SPACE CLEARING  is a powerful and effective means of eliminating disruptive, negative and intrusive energies from your home or business. Results can be felt immediately. Your home or business will be restored to a successful, vibrant and harmonious living environment.

Your Home: If in your home, you experience an unusually high frequency of arguments, illness, depression, mood swings, discomfort, unexplained noises and movements … it’s time you consulted me for some Energetic House Clearing. These residue energies might be something ‘left behind’ by previous tenants, deceased persons or people that have come and gone through your house.

Your Business: Ideal for hotels, rental apartments and generally premises where there is an influx of human traffic. People bring with them all sorts of energies, intentions and thoughts when entering your premises. They may leave behind some of that ‘energetic’ residue, to put it politely, that could be responsible for a down turn in your business.

After Your Space Clearing: Your space, home or business is restored to a vibrant, and harmonious living environment. This powerful new energy will have a positive impact upon all facets of your life, creating greater health, wealth and happiness.

Does Your Home or Business Need Clearing and Protection?

There are times in our lives where we our homes or place of business feels overwhelmed with heavy negative energy. Do you feel like nothing is going right? Do you feel a sense of unease every time you enter your property or things around you feel out of sync, Do you feel tired, lack energy are always sick; tension and dis-harmony? Then it is well over due for a Cleansing.

Family Healing

I will heal three extra member of your family (plus you) and clear your home of negative energies for a fixed fee of only $300 AUD when you book Option 3 PLUS on the Distance Healing page.