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Alex Telman, spiritual and energy healer since 1979

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“Energetically, there is very little distance between you and me.”

HEALING is a unique method for ‘unblocking’ and releasing repressed pain; negative learned behaviour and self-limiting decisions that started as early as one’s childhood.

Each negative life incident continues to gain momentum if it remains unresolved or ignored. Unless one deals with it, it will only reappear and manifest itself in new and unloving experiences of one’s life. Such unresolved and deep trauma will determine the quality of your life.

Spiritual and Energy healing as applied by me will help you to initiate a transformation in which you will align your life with more positive and productive thoughts, thus creating a healthier and happier you.

PLEASE NOTE: Whether you require Healing or Curse removal, I will include easy, yet very practical, activities that will protect you from further attacks, raise your energies, and keep you balanced.

PLEASE BE CAREFUL of healers who promise to do everything in one session.  Not only is that not possible, especially with respect to spiritual healing, it can do damage as your energies will most likely not be balanced.  

Distance Spiritual and Energy Healing

If this is you, Healing will restore clarity and harmony to your life.

Please note: If you are affected by entities, curses, spells, hexes, demons, past or present life vows, or bad karma, contact me now. A combination of Distance and Skype healing is highly recommended.

I will free you from all unwanted energetic barriers. You will be free from the blocks and barriers which may be standing in the way of your current happiness.

Who needs a distance healing?

You need to book a Healing if you suffer from any of the following symptoms:

Low energy level

Character shifts or mood swings

Hearing Constant Negative Inner voice(s)

New Addictions (drugs, alcohol etc)

Impulsive and Compulsive behavior

Memory problems

Poor concentration

Sudden onset of anxiety or depression

Sudden onset of physical problems with no obvious cause

New phobias or aversions

New allergies

New food cravings or taste preferences

New attitudes or prejudices

Important info about Addiction (smoking, drugs, alcohol, etc)

If you are suffering from a curse, please click here:

So, if this is you, book your distance healing now.  With over 40 years experience, allow me to clear your negative energies, infuse you with positive energies, and bring out your natural, playful energies.

You will feel more balanced, grounded and clearer than you have felt in years.

Spiritual and Energy Healing 

Best for spiritual healing:  for entity attachment release, curse removal, past life karma release, Demonic possession release, and extreme energy healings. In this case a combinatin of Distance and face to face Skype healing is recommended.

The term spiritual healing generally refers to healings beyond energy healing and into the realm of removing destructive spiritual attachments, releasing curses, hexes and spells, and removing debilitating past life karma and vows.  Spiritual healing affects people irrespective of their beliefs, religions, education status, rationality or position in life.

In addition to your Spiritual Healing, I will perform Energy Healing for you:  Best for emotional and mood stability:   Reduces anxiety, depression, confusion, procrastination.  Increases confidence, love of living, focus, clarity,  grounding.  

Energy healing as practiced by me can have profound effects on healing when you, the client, are ready to heal.

My program includes both the spiritual healing and the energy healing aspects of the process.  Spiritual and energy healing as practiced by me can have profound effects on healing when you, the client, is ready to heal.  Are you ready?

Please note:  Due to the number of requests I receive, there is normally a waiting list.  In order to “jump the queue” please consider the Option 4 Urgent Healings. 

Prices are in AUD - Australian Dollars. Currency Converter is at bottom of this page.

If you are not certain of your healing needs...

If you are uncertain which type of healing you need, please request a detailed Needs Assessment.  I will connect to your energies and determine whether you need an Energy healing, a Spiritual and Energy healing, whether you have a Curse on you, or any other energetic disruptions that may be affecting you.  I normally respond with 5 days.

Once I have determined your needs, the decision to proceed will of course be yours.

In order for me to connect with your energies I will need as a minimum your Full Name, Location and Date of Birth.  Once I connect to your energies, I will determine your Healing Needs:  whether energy healing, spiritual healing, curse or hex removal, black magic removal, past life bonding, and so on.  Your information will be deleted once the Needs Assessment is complete.  Once you have received your Needs Assessment, you of course will decide whether you wish to proceed with your healing program.

Once you have booked your Assessment, please email me your:

– full name
– place and date of birth
– mother’s first name (for karmic information purposes)

I need this information to connect to your energies prior to completing your Assessment.

Cost of Needs Assessment:  $45 AUD (currency converter is at bottom of page)

Healing Needs Assessment.  Please book here: 



IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please read:  Over many years, there have been amazing advances in medicine and psychology.  I deal with energies.  I would never advise you to ignore modern medicine or psychology.  Of course I can make a difference, but please do not ever ignore the advice of your medical or psychological practitioner, in particular in areas that are not caused by spiritual attachment or energetic disruption.  So always consult your medical and / or psychological practitioner before you alter your medication or psychological routine.

“I spent thousands of dollars till I met you all those years ago and your distance healing is the only one that truly works…” -Amir, London

“My partner found you and I’ve kept you. Life is now worthwhile… even before you started… amazing results… ” –Sherry, Los Angeles

“I didn’t know what was wrong with me; then I connected with you. Thank you so much. I was broken, now I’m whole.” -Amy, Sydney

“How many times have I thanked you over the years? Bless you, Alex. Last year I finally got to meet you. Amazing!” -James, New York

“I had doubts, but no more. Your Activities are amazing and life changing. Together with your healing… I am amazed.” -Zoe, Aukland