Alex Telman, spiritual and energy healer since 1979
Alex Telman
Professional Healer since 1979

Spiritual, Energy Healing Dallas, Texas — Best Spiritual, Energy Healer Dallas

Is NOW one of those times that you could REALLY use some extra help?

Whether you are in crisis, stressed, or simply would like to give yourself or a friend a treat, spiritual and energy healing is a powerful and convenient option.

Professional Spiritual and Energy Healer

with over 40 Years: since 1979

Rest assured that you are in the right hands for all your healing needs! My work with Spiritual and Energy Healing Dallas clients, whether via face-to-face Skype healing, face-to-face hypnotherapy via Skype, or by a distance healing program, has consistently delivered great results.

Traditional Spiritual and Energy Healing That Works

Since the late 1970’s, Alex Telman has been one of the counties best Spiritual and Energy healers. He has been a pioneer in the field of freeing people of their negative energies and entities. His unique ability is to diagnose and remove these negative energies remotely and embed positive energies in each person. But more than that! He will provide you with easy, yet powerful, activities that will keep your energies high after your healing – permanently!

“Much stronger than reiki and other modern forms of distance and hands-on healing, my traditional spiritual and energy healing has been practiced for thousands of years, and it works.” – Alex Telman.


It’s time to stop suffering. Why wait?

Book your healing session now.

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PLEASE NOTE that your Skype healing session is as effective as if you were in my Brisbane office. You receive the same personal care and attention. Distance healing is best suited for those clients who do not prefer face-to-face healing, or if you wish to order a healing for someone anonymously.



This is a limited time special offer – also one of my most popular: You receive a Private face-to-face healing via Skype plus 1 – 1 distance healing program, plus distance energy boosts and balancing, plus Activities to keep your energies high after your healing sessions plus feedback and advice after your last session.

Due to Covid 19 I am not currently seeing face-to-face clients at my Brisbane offices.

I am only seeing Clients via Skype and via Distance Healing.
Your Skype appointments are just as Effective as In Person Appointments.

“I understand that many people are in financial distress; I am therefore offering special prices for many of my services. I look forward to hearing from you soon.” Alex Telman

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