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Our first Bootcamp for 2020 will take place on Sunday March 15. We book out every time, so please make sure to register your interest now!

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March, 2020

The InnerPeace Bootcamp Syllabus

MORNING TEA:    Sign-in, Meet and Greet     9.15 am – 9.45 am

Session 1          Breakthrough          10.00 am – 12.00 pm

We will learn the four Core Activities that will produce unprecedented results in a short period of time and therefore will change your life forever. 

The Core Activities work not only independently of each other, depending on circumstances, but taken together they become a powerful practice in your day to day life, in all situations.  They address, automatically, your inner language and feelings and your outer behaviours in the most powerful way. 

In addition we will explore 3 supplementary Activities, to maximise the value of our Core Activities. 

LUNCH      12.00 pm – 1.00 pm

Session 2          Managing Breakdowns          1.00 pm – 2.30 pm

Our lives don’t work the way we want because we live in a constant state of breakdown; such breakdowns often  leading to anxiety, fear, and other  issues.

In Session 2 we address applying the Core Activities when handling breakdowns.  By breakdowns we mean being controlled by those recurring thoughts that make us miserable and stop us from being our true, confident and loving selves; both internally (in our mind) or externally (in the world). 

We, therefore, explore how to apply our Activities to concepts such as:

  Loops: these are constantly recurring negative thoughts that reinforce cycles of behaviour that prevent us from achieving in life.  We tend to see these as ‘inevitable’ as they are always there.  Because we accept these and don’t often question them, I call this process underthinking.

  Abstracts:  these are recurring thoughts that include such phrases as “If only…”  “I should…”   “I wish that…”  “Why…?” and so on.

  The Blame Game:  Who do you blame and what do you constantly criticise in life?

  Evidence Gathering: Constantly looking for evidence of unhelpful and often negative beliefs.

… and so on.  

AFTERNOON TEA       2.30 pm – 3.00 pm

Session 3          Permanent Transformation          3.00 pm – 4.00 pm

In Session 3 we put it all together, to bring about a permanent and dramatic personal shift, allowing us to redefine the reality we have known and redefine the person that we were.  We realise now that we a different, dare I say a much better, version of ourselves. 


Sydney = Bondi Junction

Melbourne = South Yarra  

Brisbane = Teneriffe

COST: $395 per participant ($325 early bird) (includes morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, gst, booking and processing fees)

DAYS: Sunday 9.30 am for 10.00am start – 4.00 pm 

TO BOOK: Please book at (I will link when next Workshop is announced)

Final Workshops for 2019:

Melbourne (November, 2019)

Sydney (November, 2019)

2020 Workshops

Sydney: CBD, March 15, 2020

Singapore:  April 5, 2020

Melbourne: CBD, April 19, 2020, Venue TBA

Brisbane: CBD, April 26, 2020, Venue TBA