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Our first Bootcamp for 2020 will take place on Sunday March 15. We book out every time, so please make sure to register your interest now!

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March, 2020

“Imagine how much easier life would be if every time
you start to feel anxious, stressed out or less than
completely in your power, you could quickly activate
your reservoir of inner strength, easily regain your
own power center and enjoy ‘inner peace’ as
your predominant way of being…
no matter what is going on in your world.”

Now imagine how all that can happen in just
1 effortless day of learning, focusing on the inner you.

Sounds too good to be true?  It’s not.  Graduates of the Inner Peace Bootcamp learn to experience inner peace each and every day, as they deepen their relationships, love their inner-selves, grow their businesses and passions,  and transform their lives.

                                                     And the best part?  We’re doing it again…  so YOU can join us next time!

What is a Bootcamp and Who Attends the Bootcamp?

What is a Bootcamp?

A Bootcamp is a short (1 day), intensive (you get answers, not waffle), and rigorous (everybody gets it) course of training.

The InnerPeace Bootcamp is a practical step-by-step roadmap which includes the essential  tools and strategies you need to achieve lasting inner peace and self-love.  You won’t find this unique combination anywhere else!

After the InnerPeace Bootcamp you will be able to more quickly return to inner calm when life throws you a curve ball.  You will notice what thoughts are influencing you when you’re in a state of overwhelm and meet them with compassionate understanding.  You will reconnect again and again with a peaceful and truer reality inside of you.

Who attends the InnerPeace Bootcamp?

You may have achieved amazing things in life, yet something is not quite right.  There is something missing inside.  There is something bigger inside you that you may have lost, or never found.

People from all walks of life participate in the InnerPeace Bootcamp.  But they all have something in common:

  They feel there is more to life than they currently experience.

But even more so, they consider life as an opportunity.  Many have attended multiple seminars and workshops, many have read lots of self-development books or followed a self-help ‘guru’, many have tried yoga, meditation and other such modalities, and many have realized these have little affect on them, in their thinking or daily lives.

 People who attend the InnerPeace Bootcamp not only want more, they want something that works.

People who attend the Bootcamp want something more out of life, something that works:

They want to increase their level of personal happiness, performance, confidence and control in every area of their lives.  They want a ‘consistency’ in their lives that effectively works and helps them make good choices.  And of course there are those who are just curious and participate because they like what they see and hear from their friends, and they want to find out about it for themselves. Read more…

What is your opinion of yourself?

If your internal conversation is negative… Read more =>> 

You would be shocked how many successful, intelligent people have this inner conversation every day, some all day!

These, and many wonderful people, are those who attend the InnerPeace Bootcamp!

“At first I was so skeptical. But when I decided to trust the process, my world changed.”  Elizabeth, Melbourne

“I honestly thought you were going to teach us meditation and law of attraction…Man, was I pleasantly surprised!  I was blown away. Thank you.”  Olivia, Brisbane

“I was feeling stuck and uninspired… the negative self-talk was killing me- literally… You achieved in a few hours what I could not by reading so many self help books… Thank you.”  Ross, Sydney

“I recommend this Bootcamp to anyone who says to themselves, ‘Well, maybe things will improve next year…’  If that is you, GO and spend a day with Alex.”  David, Melbourne

Would you like to push the pause button
— and learn how to effectively transform inner turmoil
to inner peace — even in the most challenging of moments?

You owe it to yourself and those around you to find a better way to
deal with all of these normal day-to-day stressful situations.

The Inner Peace Bootcamp is about helping you tap into inner peace on the inside, even when there is chaos on the outside.  For example, right now, we’re all being tested by the dramas of the world, and it’s easy to get caught up in them.  But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

In just 1 day, you can…

  • begin cultivating “inner peace” as your predominant way of being
  • learn effective tools to help you quickly return to your peaceful power in any moment
  • learn exactly how to reconnect to your reservoir of inner peace when you feel depleted

You can also master the processes to help others around you do the same; it’s relatively easy, when you have the skills.  Imagine having your entire family and those you work closely with experience this being centeredness whenever something challenging “comes up.”

“In the midst of a huge life transition that I couldn’t cope with, you came along. Thank you.” Katherine, Melbourne

“I’ve always felt that happiness was totally out of reach.  It was always tomorrow, or later. You taught me how to achieve piece of mind now.  Amazing.”  Sue, Perth

“Inspiring and so practical.  I practice the activities you taught me every day, and every day I feel happy and full of life.”  Steven, Sydney

“Midlife crisis? What midlife crisis? … I feel so stable and happy now.  Bless you.”  Aaron, Melbourne

“Going through a bitter divorce, I need this… thank you for putting my head back together.”  Maxine, Brisbane

“Grief is so difficult to deal with but you helped so much.  Much love to you and many, many thanks.”  Kerry, Adelaide

“My heart has opened and the love I feel is so powerful.  Just by following your instructions.  These are life long changes in me.  I know that.”  James, Brisbane

Alex Telman, spiritual and energy healer since 1979



The key to finding inner peace is not found in the thousands of self help books available, and it is not found in the many courses that cost thousands of dollars… If it was, you would have achieved it already.

But the steps I have been teaching to thousands of people over many years… works.

In 1 day I will explain to you and teach you a series of steps so that you will never be a prisoner to your negative thoughts and attitudes again.

In one day (yes, it’s quick), I will teach you to fall in love with life again. You have nothing to lose.

Past participants of the InnerPeace Bootcamp report the effects continue to deepen and expand afterwards, as they experience greater inner peace and clarity in all areas of their lives. Relationship challenges dissolve, problems become opportunities to flex their inner peace muscles, and work becomes a playground for communication and self-expression.

Alex Telman, spiritual and energy healer since 1979

“Inner Peace does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work… It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.”

  The state of inner peace increases our ability to focus, make clear decisions and handle challenges with ease. Inner peace allows productivity, creativity and abundance to flow more freely. And it strengthens our immune systems, minimizes the impact of disease and brings harmony (and sanity) to relationships. And, most would agree… it sure feels good!


The Real Impact of The Bootcamp Comes
When You Return To Everyday Life!

                      Now is the time to enroll if you’d like to share in this
                                       unique “inner peace” experience.

NEXT DATE – Sydney, 15 March 2020

WHERE:  Sydney CBD, venue to be announced

COST:  EARLYBIRD: $350 per participant ($425 at the door) (includes morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, gst, booking and processing fees)

DAYS:  Sunday 9.15 am for 10.00 am start – 4.00 pm 

TO BOOK:  Please book at (I will link when venue is announced)

Singapore:  April 5, 2020

Melbourne: CBD, April 19, 2020

Brisbane: CBD, April 26, 2020


My fee for your Brisbane 1 – 1 InnerPeace Bootcamp is $850  (2 SESSIONS: 1 x 4  hours and 1 x 2 hours session)  If you would like a group Bootcamp session please text me and we will negotiate a fee.

“What seemed at first glance expensive for a 1 day (Event) turned out to be the best investment in myself… life changing.” Margaret, Sydney

“I have spent so much money on books and seminars and therapists and finally I found something that is real…” John, Sydney

“I have done this (Bootcamp) twice now and it is the best value and most powerful course there is.  And I know because I have done most of them… These activities are forever tattooed in my brain and they work!”  Jacqueline, Brisbane 

“If your life is not working the way you imagined and that voice rings in your head saying, ‘Oh well, that’s how life is supposed to be…’ book the Bootcamp now! It’ll change your life.”  Cindy, Sydney

The Inner Peace Bootcamp is Fast, Fun, Powerful and its effect is Permanent.
You Will Achieve Inner Balance and Live a Life of Clarity and Fulfilment.

If you have booked… CONGRATULATIONS!  The path to your happier life is closer than you think.

If you haven’t booked yet, oh, I know that stuck place… Most of my clients feel that way until they decide that something has to change.

I suggest you make that decision too!

As defeated as you may feel at times, I know that you can take charge and turn your life around.

I will show you how.  I focus only on the answers.

And yes!  The event is intense… but it’s also fun, practical and, most importantly, life changing.  It works.



So, if you are passionate about:

  • Putting the real you in control – Being the person you really  want to be
  • Releasing and Balancing those energies which block your advancement
  • Permanently raising your energy levels and therefore achieving your goals,

then you know know to do.  Book the event now.  Because it is time you moved past what is holding you back.

Isn’t it time to overcome your low self-worth and become the lovable person you have always wanted to be? Yes it is!  And you will surprise yourself.

My promise to you:  I will give you the road map, the steps, to create the habit, commitment and consistency in your life that will allow you to naturally draw in:

  • self love
  • confidence
  • happiness

“I have worked with people for over 40 years.  Why?  Because people deserve to achieve inner strength and inner peace, and live vibrant and abundant, loving lives.”  Alex Telman

Alex Telman, spiritual and energy healer since 1979

I look forward to meeting you soon.

To your inner peace,