If you are uncertain which type of healing you need, please request a detailed Needs Assessment.  I will connect to your energies and determine whether you need an Energy healing, a Spiritual and Energy healing, whether you have a Curse on you, or any other energetic disruptions that may be affecting you.  I normally respond with 5 days.

Once I have determined your needs, the decision to proceed will of course be yours.

In order for me to connect with your energies I will need as a minimum your Full Name, Location and Date of Birth.  Once I connect to your energies, I will determine your Healing Needs:  whether energy healing, spiritual healing, curse or hex removal, black magic removal, past life bonding, and so on.  Your information will be deleted once the Needs Assessment is complete.  Once you have received your Needs Assessment, you of course will decide whether you wish to proceed with your healing program.

Once you have booked your Assessment, please email me admin@AlexTelman.com your:

– full name
– place and date of birth
– mother’s first name

I need this information to connect to your energies prior to completing your Assessment.

Cost of Needs Assessment:  $45 AUD (currency converter is at bottom of page)

Healing Needs Assessment.  Please book here: