Welcome to your online Ashram

Don’t ask where the path is. You are on it.

Alex Telman, Ashram founder

“Imagine how much easier life would be if every time you start to feel anxious, stressed out or less than completely in your power, you could quickly activate your reservoir of inner strength, easily regain your own power center and enjoy ‘inner peace’ as your predominant way of being… no matter what is going on in your world.”

Meditation changes lives.
Meditation reduces stress and raises personal performance.
Meditation allows you to become a person you can be proud of.

At the Ashram we connect and support the meditation and healing practices of thousands of people worldwide.

You are invited to participate in our daily meditation and healing sessions knowing that you are connecting to the healing energies of thousands of people around the globe, thus deepening and broadening the healing process: healing yourself and the planet.

If you don’t already meditate, it’s time to start. If you are an experienced meditator, join the many thousands who combine their energies here. It will be the best decision you ever make.

So let’s get connected. 

We invite you to become a Member of our Ashram and practice with us.  Everyone is welcome.


Since 1992 I have been experimenting with meditating live online with people around the world.  Our chosen spot is not a temple, a retreat or a religious place of worship, but cyberspace.  Our primary goal is to revitalize your physical, mental and spiritual health through the power of meditation and other self-healing techniques – in the comfort of your own personal space.

People from all walks of life have joined us: lightworkers, healers, meditation and other groups, and many like-minded individuals continue to participate with us.   We meditate 24 times a day in all different time-zones world-wide.  It is our duty to raise the energies of ourselves and the world in order to create a happy, healthy and peaceful place for our children today and future.

So Join us now.  I look forward to meeting you online.

The Value of Joining the Ashram

Joining the Ashram and participating in our online Global Meditation is free.

Becoming a member of our Inner Circle will cost you the cup of a good coffee once a week- $5.60 aud.  You gain unlimited access to professional online hypnotherapy sessions (on the average a professional hypnotist with experience of over ten years would charge from $200 to $400 per hour), unlimited access to very powerful meditations, online personal development courses, and of course our 24/7 Global Meditation.

Becoming an Ashram Ambassador will cost you $15.00 aud per week.  You not only gain access to the benefits of our Inner Circle and Global Meditation, you also become automatically enrolled in our 40 Lesson, Diploma of Energy Healing ($965.00 aud value), you have exclusive access to Alex Telman’s weekly online Meditation video as well as Alex’s regularly posted personal development advice videos, articles and interesting stories.

Join Now. It's Free and It's Interesting.

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Ashram Inner Circle Membership Level $5.60 per Week. Select
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