This Activity is simple but he should do it every time he feels the urge to drink:

  1. Think of a smell that you find totally disgusting. You need to be able to remember or imagine it vividly for this process to work well. 
  2. Now imagine or remember that awful smell – what you notice as you breathe it in and how disgusted you feel. As you remember this, squeeze your thumb and middle finger together on your right hand. Repeat this process as many times as you need until you feel utterly disgusted. 
  3. Next think of that you find utterly disgusting – anything at all. You need to find something that makes you feel really sick; really repulsive. Once again squeeze your right thumb and middle finger together and imagine swallowing that disgusting substance. Keep doing it over and over again, until you feel ready to retch! 
  4. Now, as you squeeze your thumb and middle finger together, remembering how disgusting that smell and that taste are, imagine your old habit… more and more… imagine that each time you experience your old habit (smoke, drink, gamble, anger, anxiety, fear etc), a little more of that disgusting smell and taste gets mixed in together with the smell and taste of the old habit. 
  5. Keep repeating this process until you can no longer find anything but repulsion in the idea of the old habit. 


If you have done this process correctly, you will now be feeling uncomfortable when you think about your old habit. 


Great! That is evidence of how quickly the new program can begin running inside your mind. 


PLEASE listen to this 30 minute Healing every day for 2 weeks.