What is hypnosis & How to use it

What is hypnosis and what is it not?

Most people associate the hypnosis with what they´ve seen on TV or hypnosis shows. We know that it seems like they are “far gone,” but they are not. There´s another psychology behind show-hypnosis than clinical hypnosis (what we do). Clinical hypnosis or hypnotherapy has nothing to do with losing control. Quite the contrary, you are more in control because you are more focused inwardly. And it is entirely 100% safe.

I  work with people daily using clinical hypnosis, and when I tell them that hypnosis is a state where you are aware and focused, most don´t believe it right away, because their belief of what hypnosis is or is not, comes from the standard thoughts that hypnosis is a state where you lose control. They quickly find out that this is not the case.

Hypnosis is a natural state where our subconscious mind becomes more receptive to the positive suggestions and ideas that the hypnotherapist is giving you. Change happens faster and in a very natural almost automatic way. What happens is that our brainwaves go into alpha or/and theta brainwaves (that is when the subconscious mind becomes more receptive). It is a natural state in which you go in and out of daily: listening to music, daydreaming, driving and not thinking about driving, right after you wake up and reading a book or being engaged in a movie. These are just a few examples. Everybody has experienced some time that someone calls our name, but we don´t register it right away because you are in a trance. A natural state of alpha/theta brainwaves. We are in and out of the hypnotic state every day.

It is the most natural thing. A hypnotherapist knows what to say and how to say it (volume, rhythm, timing, etc.), and most of all, we know how the subconscious mind work.

Am I going to sleep and never wake up?

What? This is a typical question that people ask. It´s understandable (a thought I had myself a couple of years before I became a hypnotherapist). You are awake in the process. And if you should happen to doze off to restful sleep, then you´ll wake up like you always wake up. Or maybe you´ll feel better than a normal wake up. In my office, I´ll wake my clients if they happen to doze off, just because we´ll do more effective work while we´re awake and relaxed in the process.

How does it feel?

You may become relaxed in your body. Tingling sensations in hands and feet, as the energy flows more freely. You may feel as if your body is heavy or floating. You become the consciousness behind your thoughts. The observer of the mind. You may also receive flashes of insight or creative ideas that pop to mind. There are no rules here. Only you can experience being in your body and mind, so the way you experience being in a meditative state/trance state, that is the right way for you.

What if I feel uncomfortable?

That can be that a part of you are resisting the process, or it may be one is not used to relaxing. Some people are “stressing” that they need to do it right (there is no right way to do this, it´s YOUR process) Maybe it´s out of your comfort zone, even if it´s positive – that is not a bad thing. That is ok. Just flow with it anyway, stick with it. We say it´s a good sign. Guided visualizations, affirmations mixed with brainwave music, solfeggios or binaural beats is a powerful healing combination, and when the mind and body connection starts to heal, that can also stir up emotions. Allow yourself to feel the emotions; they are brought to the surface because they are ready to be healed It is a perfectly natural and safe process. It is a normal part of growing and developing personally and spiritually.

Headphones or not?

Headphones are not required. However, they can help you enhance the listening experience and audio stimulation. Do what you prefer. Do what gives YOU the best experience.


Eyes open or closed?

Our recommendation is eyes closed. However, there is no rule to this. When your eyes are closed while listening to our guided meditations, you will more easily go into a light to deep meditative state. This is natural and automatic. In that state, your subconscious is more open and receptive to the positive suggestions. You can also go into a meditative state with your eyes open if you relax lying or sitting down of course. Do whatever you feel is most comfortable and practical for you.


How much time should I invest to benefit from the hypnosis session?

There is no right answer here. You can achieve the desired result right then and there. While our hypnosis and guided meditation for “manifesting money, confidence, success, health, self-esteem, anxiety, depression, overthinking, worries, etc. Then you may want to invest time in it and think of it as a process. We recommend sticking with a hypnosis session once a day, for 30 days in a row for max effect. After that, just listen when you feel like you need a “tune-up.” However, if this is not possible or you don´t want to invest this amount of time now, then just do as much as you can to the point that it feels good. Doing this process should be a ritual that feels good.

When NASA trains people for missions in space – when they have to learn entirely new tasks, programming this learning they have to train every day for a minimum of 30 days straight. Experience shows that neurological signals are reinforced to the point where they “stick” after 30 days. But this isn´t a rule. You can experience “evidence” of the new changes taking place already the same day as you start to listen to affirmations, sometimes you have to have patience as days and weeks can go by before you start to notice the positive change. Those who stick with it, they will reap the rewards of their perseverance.


Which position should I be when listening?

There’s no special “guided meditation position.” We would recommend finding a quiet and comfortable place where you can sit or lie down. Turn off your phone and leave the “do not be disturbed sign” on your door.

What if I have to change position, cough, scratch, etc.?

For some, it is not comfortable to sit or lie still more than 2 minutes. That is entirely ok, just do what you need to do to make yourself more comfortable.


What if I can´t visualize?

Approximately 5 % of the population can visualize vividly in 3D. We can all visualize, but not all can do it vividly. Some people are more auditorial (react more on sounds), and some people are more kinaesthetic (react more to bodily sensation and feelings), most are a combination of visual, auditorial and kinesthetic. The way you experience a guided visualization is the right way for you. Just go with it. If you can´t “see” it. Just think it. Make a mental picture, sound or feeling of it. Only you have your fingerprints and your DNA. Only you can experience a guided meditation your way. Isn´t that good to know? It´s all good.


Do I need to focus on something or think about something?

No, just do your best to let go of “analytical chatter” and just flow with the music and guiding. There is nothing you need to do. This is a process for your subconscious mind, so your logical can´t do anything here, it´s actually in the way. Some people with a tendency or a need to be in control of everything (fear of not having control) will usually have an overactive analytical/logical thinking going on. If this is you, that´s ok. This is a safe and natural process where you are in complete control. You are self-hypnotizing your self. You are doing that to yourself every day. I repeat: do your best to allow yourself to flow with the words and music. You don´t need to remember anything. Your subconscious mind will do the necessary healing work. Just like your cells are repairing every day without you being consciously aware of how the process unfolds. You just trust and allow it to happen.