Meditation Tips For Beginners

Start small with 5 minutes.

Even five minutes can feel like a long time when you first start meditating, so you could even start smaller. For example, paying attention to the sensations of taking 3 breaths.


How long did people meditate when they first started?


Reproduced from based on a sample of 382 respondents from an optional survey

Set Time-Establish a Regular Practice

Having a set time for meditation is very important. Make time for it each day.

Why not begin your day with a short morning meditation? We suggest 5 – 20 minutes every morning before you ‘start’ your day, but you should meditate when you are most comfortable.

By setting a regular time you make meditation as much a part of your daily routine as eating breakfast and showering in the morning.


Open Yourself and Let Go

Meditation is not about stopping your thoughts. Meditation is about letting go. It’s about not making things happen. Just become aware of all the thoughts and ideas and images sliding through your mind; almost like watching them on a screen. This is what we call a ‘brain dump’ – Dumping the thoughts in your mind to create a relaxing and non-overthinking space. Relax and enjoy the ride.


Meditate with others.

You grow fastest when you meditate collectively.

When you gather many lit candles, there is more light and so collective meditation results in a much stronger flow of vibrations. As it flows more, you are also able to absorb more of the pure healing energy.

In the company of others, your energy is able to heal far more effectively. Join us now.


After Your Meditation

At the end of your meditation slowly open your eyes and gently rub your hands to warm them, then gently rub your eyes, head and arms, and tell yourself, “I believe in positive outcome for myself and for all those around me.” Of course, you may have your own positive message.


What is a good Meditation Regime?

Be consistent with your meditation for at least three weeks. People who do this will see a difference at the end of that time. Yes, you will feel different day 1. But your personal power will grow the longer your meditation regime.

Doing a sustained period of formal daily practice when you begin meditation will

(1) allow you to try different types of meditation,

(2) give you enough comfort and familiarity with meditation that you can restart formal practice if you’re going through a particular period of stress or overthinking, and

(3) develop enough understanding of meditation to come up with your own ideas for your meditation practices.

The graph below (same source as above) shows that beginner meditators who practiced for 11 days were over 90% likely to continue to a 12th day. You can see the slope of the line starts to get flatter around day 8. Sticking with meditation practice at least this long is important. Doing a 21 or 30 day meditation project is a great way to get started. So do yourself a favour and join us now.