Soul Journey Part 3

Once a body is selected, what happens?

Once a body has been selected the Soul returns to its Cluster group and the Souls in that group discuss the choices made. Trials, lessons, tribulations are discussed in the context of meaning each has to the departing Soul.
There are also a series of meetings between the departing Soul and its guides to confirm the ‘Life Plan’ of the Soul- its goals for the next physical existence. Also discussed are the important turning points or Milestones that Soul must watch out for, as planned and seen in the Selection Room.
So, by this stage the Soul knows the major turning points in its next life as well as family and the significant people it must contact in order for it to learn its life lessons. Of course everything in the physical Realm is free will and it may take a Soul many, many lifetimes to recognize the important people it must learn from. Souls quite often miss such opportunities in the physical Realm and the human – physical person – suffers as a result. Likewise, though the Soul may not fully learn its lessons, alternatives always exist within each lifetime and they are learning experiences as well. These matters are the subject of the final exit interview with the Soul’s guides.

And what is the actual rebirthing process?

At the appropriate moment the Soul feels a gentle energetic ‘pull’- it’s almost like a instinct to move. Accompanied by its Spirit guide, the Soul slowly begins to move through the corridors of the Spirit Realm. As it does so, a protective shield of white light forms around it.
After the protective shield is formed the Soul’s speed increases until it is floating at great speed into a large chamber; let’s call it the Exit Chamber, where it slows and gently stops. During its flight towards and into the exit chamber, a silver chord has been attached and the Soul’s energy has undertaken a foetal human-like form. This silver chord connects the Soul to its new physical body.
The exit chamber is of a bright while, silverfish, colour. At a distance a wall of white, shimmering gas, or cloud, can be seen. There is a final parting between the Soul and its guide.

What happens after the Soul leaves the Spirit Realm?

The Soul enters the white gaseous cloud. This gaseous cloud is the entry to the human’s etheric body; the bridge between the Spirit Realm and the physical realm. As the Soul, an energy being, moves through the etheric body it begins the process of slowing down. It slows down in order to be able to ‘fit into’ the body of its new human host.
In addition, as the Soul slowly travels through the etheric body, it undergoes a form of amnesia. This is so that when it enters its new human form it will slowly begin to forget its life and experiences in the Spirit Realm. I call this process ‘Psychic Amnesia’.
When a child is born it still has many memories of, and contact with, the Spirit Realm. That is the reason many children have ‘invisible friends.’ Usually this psychic amnesia is complete by the time a child is 6 or 7 years old.
Psychic amnesia sets in so that all lessons learnt on Earth are ‘natural’ and all fears and pain, for example, are experienced as a reality, not as a pre-destined formula. That is how we learn; though pain, fear and other negative emotions: though, of course, we learn through joy and happiness as well. But the amnesia process is not perfect and humans open to Spiritual learning and those who possess healing abilities do get glimpses, or memory, of the Spirit Realm. Some people, such as Mediums, Psychics or people under hypnosis, are capable of greater memory than others.
Souls can enter the human body at any time before birth. They enter at a point when all the body’s physical organs are in place. At first the Soul will probe the babies mind, learn its brain wave patterns, and slowly settle in. This is not always an easy process as every mind is different. Younger Souls may be helped in this process by their Spirit guide. The Soul and the mind begin the process of creating an ‘Energy Body.’ This is energy that surrounds the physical body and is a combination of the energy emitted by the mind and emitted by the Soul. But more of that another time.
Once the Soul has ‘settled in,’ apart from its Spirit guide and other ‘Soul mates’ it meets along the way, each Soul is on its own; learning (or attempting to learn), the lessons it has come here to learn.

Alex, you bring up so many issues I’d love to question you about, but I understand we are only focusing on the journey from death to rebirth…

Yes. We can go into more detail another time.

I would love to ask you about ‘levels’ in the Spirit Realm. Levels below the Source such as Gods, ascended masters, teachers and so on. I’d love to know more about what the Soul experiences on Earth; such as why so much anger and fear…

Of course, but I can only talk about what I have seen and experienced. And I don’t get to decide. I am shown what I am shown.

Thank you. Just one more question: Is everything you have told us real?

Absolutely. It is all true. And yes, you will all experience this.