Soul Journey Part 2


What happens after the debriefing session?

All Souls are then projected to what can be described as a ‘central depot’, or staging area when they are then transported to their final home destination.
This central depot is an immense chamber with millions of Soul/energy lights. It’s a very busy place with many ‘corridors’ leading out in every direction. 
To me, the most striking feature of the Spirit Realm is the constant awareness of a powerful loving energy directing everything- there is a powerful feeling of affinity between all the Souls here. This energy ‘pulls’ each Spirit through and out of the central depot – it’s like traveling along a purposeful, vibrational chord; like being pulled along by a current. As you travel through corridors you are aware of many, many Soul Clusters- groups of between 10 and 20 Souls. They look like combined dots of light- like groups of lights; perhaps like grapes bunched together. The speed is very fast, but it is rhythmic and safe.
As you approach your Soul cluster, you slow down. The closer you are to your cluster, the more you slow down and the more familiar some of the surrounding Souls become. These are Souls you have come across as people in your past lives as either relatives, friends, or acquaintances on Earth.
Then you stop. You stop and there is a feeling on immense familiarity. You ‘stand’ before your own group. All communication is by telepathy- an exchange of vibrating energy. Souls don’t talk like we do, they communicate in telepathic images. It’s like story-telling. 
Souls are in the same cluster for all eternity- even though some Souls develop faster than others. These are instructional groups- like classes at school, except all learning is centred around love and understanding. More advanced Souls within each cluster have extra ‘tuition’ elsewhere, but the affinity within each cluster is eternal. Here learning is focused on each Soul’s Earthly experience. All experiences can be ‘replayed’, either as external holographic type images or experienced ‘inside’ the event. Motives, decisions, alternatives and future possibilities are often the focus of discussion. 
Teacher-guides often join these discussions- not as teachers per se, but rather as knowledgeable participants. The atmosphere is ‘fun’, not serious, although most Souls take their learning seriously. The goal is to develop depth of understanding; that is why older Souls are usually found in humble or harsh circumstances on Earth as their lessons are more profound. In fact there are very few old Souls in developed nations, though this is changing as modern society becomes more complex and the psychological challenges to survival become greater.

What exactly is a Spirit guide?

At this stage, let’s just say it is a reflection of our Higher Self. I will explain this in much more detail another time. What I will refer to as our Spirit Guide for now, is in reality what I call our Teacher Guide. Our ‘actual’ Spirit Guide is our Higher Self which we can discuss another time.

How are we assigned our Spirit guides; or as you say, Teacher Guides?

The aim of a Teacher Guide is to protect, comfort and advise the Soul whilst in the physical realm. In fact, when people pray, they usually are heard only by their guide.
Older Souls act as ‘trainee’ or junior guides. The ‘age’ of a Soul depends on the Soul’s maturity, its development and progress towards enlightenment. More mature Souls may have more than one person they guide. All guides have different experience and abilities, therefore guides are assigned by ‘Elders’- a level above Teacher Guides, on the basis that they have overcome in their past lives similar problems and behaviours that the younger Soul has not. Because of this maturity, guides are usually, though not always, compassionate, loyal, motivating, skilful and not judgmental – but that does not mean they are always ‘easy.’ They need to be challenging in order for the younger Souls to learn. That is why most people only receive clues, or direction, to answer their problems, not the full solution. Their way of teaching is more parental than dictatorial. Guides have a way of disappearing when Souls in their care refuse to confront, or avoid, problems. That is why we should listen to our dreams in particular. Dreams are messages from our Teacher Guides or our Higher Self. Nightmares are usually a spiritual kick in the behind because we have not been listening to their messages. 
Teacher Guides also have their own guides; Souls more advanced than they- and so on up the ladder.

So dreams are messages from our Guide?

Yes, but that is a big topic for another day.

Ok, so what is the difference between a young Soul and an old Soul?

Earth is a difficult training ground for Souls. Some planets are very material, other are very mental. Earth is a rugged combination of both and therefore a good training ground for Souls who wish to advance. Human beings are egotistical yet very vulnerable, controlled mostly by senses and emotions. Most Souls experience other ‘easier’ planets first before incarnating on Earth.
Most Souls, I would guess at least 80 percent, are in their early development. Some Souls who have been incarnating 5,000 years are still young. Others, incarnating for, say, 2,000 year may be older in their development journey. It’s all about learning the lessons that must be learnt as a result of their Earthly experiences.
All Souls are ‘equal’ in the Spirit Realm, in the sense that younger Souls are not looked down upon or disrespected. Every Soul is recognised as being on their individual journey. Novice Souls are usually confused and not very able to learn lessons. They are not judged on that basis, but rather encouraged in their efforts. Inability to learn in one lifetime is compensated for by effort in the next. Souls are their own greatest critics- they can get discouraged, but the support they receive in the Spirit Realm is immense. Their knowledge and experience base in increased with each lifetime and the learning process can last an eternity, so there is no hurry. Souls have a lot of input from their guides with respect to each incarnation and their Life Plans are very closely monitored. It usually takes a Novice Soul up to 10 lifetimes to really begin the learning process. Once a Novice Soul truly begins its learning, karmic, journey, it becomes known as a Young Souls.
Older Souls, on the other hand, have greater ‘freedom,’ and also greater responsibility. Their relationship with their guides is closer to that of partners in learning. They have more say in their next incarnation and Life Plan. Old Souls at times act as Novice Teacher Guides in conjunction with more Advanced Souls.
Advanced Souls are usually seen as very adapt at problem solving when they incarnate into a physical body; they are seen as emotionally stable and ‘appear’ to humans in the physical realm as Spiritually aware. But this is often not the case. Often Advanced Souls, those more advanced than Old Souls, either choose very harsh physical environments to develop their learning in the physical realm, or they do not incarnate, preferring to act as ‘junior’ Spirit guides. They also expend a lot of energy analyzing their past lives and helping younger Souls through their experiences- sometimes as Spirit guides.

So what is the ultimate goal of a Soul?

The ultimate goal of a Soul is to ‘combine.’ To become one with the Source- the Supreme creative life force. There is a paradox here. The more a Soul moves forward in its evolutionary path, the more it devolves in the sense that the more ‘perfect’ it becomes, the more it returns to its Source. The further forward it moves, the further back to its Source it goes.

What is the Source? Is it God?

In our physical realm we worship God as the supreme being. Different religions have their own names for their God or Gods. So the Jews worship HaShem, Christians worship the Lord or Jesus the Christ, Hinduism worships Ganesh, Vishnu or Shiva, Islam worships Allah, and so on. 
But this is a misunderstanding in the sense that these are not the highest beings in the Spirit Realm. The Spirit Realm is stratified. What is referred to as the Source is the highest being in this realm. The Source is the source of creating each Soul. But! The Source does not have a moral or ethical philosophy. It is purely a creator of Souls. The Source itself is not perfect and therefore it does not create perfect Souls. That is why the evolutionary function of the Soul is to perfect itself and then return to the Source; thus improving its maker.

What is God?

God? These are names we put on the ultimate creating energy. I have never seen it, but I know it is there. It is the Love force. The Creator of the Spirit and other Realms. In fact, it is the Spirit Realm. I don’t know if it is one entity or a group of entities, but I do know it is there. It creates and continues to create the system.
In fact it is the Spirit Realm that is the true ‘civilization’ of the Universe, not Humanity or any other planetary species. The physical Realm is there for the learning process of the Spirit Realm. Everything returns home to the Spirit Realm and its ultimate centre is the Source. Everything is pulled towards IT.
IT is the opposite to evolution. The more we evolve as a Soul species, the more we go back to the Source.

You bring up so many issues I’d love to question you about, but I understand we are only focusing on the journey from death to rebirth…

Yes. We can go into more detail another time.

So, how does a Soul select its next physical life, its next body?

Souls, especially the younger ones, do not always wish to return to a physical body- especially when they perceive that they have not been successful in achieving their goals. But the Spirit Realm is a loving and caring environment and eventually, after the traumas of past lives have been healed, all Souls feel the ‘pull’ to begin the re-incarnation process again.
Souls work in conjunction with their Spirit guides to determine readiness. When ready the Soul is transported to a ‘Selection Room’- a very bright room like an Imax cinema. Here there is a meeting with their Spirit guides, Teachers and Elders- old Souls who do not, or rarely, incarnate, but organize and advise on re-incarnation. Each Soul is energetically scanned and an ‘optimum’ physical life is chosen. The ‘future life’ is then played on the multidimensional screen; only the major life moments, turning points.
The Soul can ‘enter’ that life to get a sense of it at any point. The Soul then makes a choice as to whether to accept that body or not. Most do and they must bear the responsibility for their choice. If a Soul does not accept that body, the matter is discussed and if necessary another physical body is selected. By the end of this process the Soul has an idea of the life they will be entering. That life is in proportion to the lessons they need to learn and any karmic resolution to be performed. The Soul may be given a choice of bodies if there are many lessons to learn.
Souls choose their bodies for specific learning experiences; at times for others rather than themselves. For example, a Soul may enter the body of a baby that dies at birth- this is a blessing for that Soul, and the lessons in that situation are for the parents of that baby. That Soul quickly returns to the Spirit Realm and will be allocated another body- often a sibling to the deceased baby.
Souls may choose to enter a physically or mentally disabled body to overcome the shortcomings of that body- be that discrimination, ailments, pain, humility, and so on.
All Souls enter their physical body intentionally. There are no accidents. Souls choose the best physical and learning experience, including the selection of family, friends and other circumstances, for the lessons they must learn as well as the part they play in the lessons of other Souls. That is the importance of Soul clusters. The entire process is about the learning experience of each Soul- by overcoming adversity and thereby learning their lessons and moving slowly towards ‘perfection.’
Souls choose their parents first, in particular their mother, whose role it is to nurture the karma, lessons, of that Soul. Then they choose their geography; where they are to be born and where they are to eventually settle. If the ideal mother does reside in their chosen geography at birth, another mother of similar karmic history will be found. Then the Soul will choose its profession, interests and so on.