Your Soul Journey from Death to Re-Birth


An interview with Alex Telman

This is an edited version of a 1992 interview. If you would like an easy to read free download, please click here===>>>

Is everything you are about to tell us true?

Yes. This has been my personal experience.

Who are we? Why are we here?

Well, we are intruders in the minds of creatures called Human Beings. We use these creatures to learn, to perfect ourselves as Spirits. Our job on Earth is to experience and learn, cut off from our true home- the Spirit Realm. We are here to learn through our pain and our joy.

What is the difference between a Soul and a Spirit?

A Soul is a Spirit in its human body. A Spirit is an entity from the Spirit Realm- our true home. In fact, your Soul is an alien. It comes from another planet; an energy planet we call Heaven, Nirvana, Tlalocan, Gan Eden, The Fields of Aaru, Vaikuntha and so on. My preference is to call it the Spirit Realm; the place where Spirits live.

What happens when we die?

Souls often leave their body moments before actual death when the body is in greatest pain. The Soul then travels through what looks like a black tunnel but is actually a Spiritual passage towards a golden tinged white light. The light looks like a pinpoint but seems to expand as the Soul gets closer to it. The Soul feels like it is being pulled into the bright whiteness. The light appears to be a grey-gold colour that increases in intensity as the Soul is pulled in. It is at this grey-gold colour stage that some Souls refuse to enter the light.
A relatively small number of Souls do not cross over- they do not go home. Souls do not cross over for many reasons- fear, anger, confusion, unresolved major issues; especially if they have been killed (murdered), not completed something important, or another form of abrupt detachment.
Although Souls rarely have any interest in what happens to their bodies once they are physically dead (this is not harshness, just a desire to hurry home), they do desire to mentally reach out and comfort loved ones before moving to the light. This is not a long process. Although Time as we know it is not a concept experienced in the Spirit Realm, I have estimated that 1 day in our physical Realm is equivalent to about 2 seconds in the Spirit Realm. Most Souls like to stay for their body’s funeral, primarily to make sure everyone left behind is alright. They normally stay between 3 – 5 days; that is about 6-10 seconds in their time.

What does the Soul experience as it moves towards the Spirit Realm?

Etheric body…. The Soul experiences a gentle pulling into the light. It feels the power of thought all around it. This is a feeling similar to what we call love. This is a power of love, understanding, security, gratitude, excitement; it is an experience of harmony and absolutely no fear. It’s also a time of adjustment to the separation from the physical body.

Many people who experience a Near Death Experience, report hearing music, similar to the chanting of OMMM. Can you explain this?

Of course. The Soul is energy, conscious energy; it does not have a physical manifestation as such. For the Soul to exist on Earth, in the physical realm, it must spin, or vibrate, at let’s say, 50% of the speed it would vibrate in the Spirit Realm. It spins at this lower rate so it can attract the energetic emotions it must experience in the physical realm; the lower, slow vibrating emotions such as sadness, fear, and anger. Vibrating at its normally high frequency in the Spirit Realm, it cannot experience these emotions. 
As the Soul enters the Etheric Body it begins to speed up. It must do so for it to enter the Spirit Realm. The acceleration of the frequency of its energetic spin is what causes the ‘music;’ the OMMM sound.

Do all Souls accelerate through the Etheric Body at the same rate?

Highly developed Souls move through this stage very easily and rapidly. Younger Souls, who may be more disturbed by the separation from their physical body, may need more time to adapt to their non-physical being. A young Soul hears the OMMM very gently, or quietly. To an older Soul, moving rapidly home, the sound can be quite deafening, though exhilarating. Almost like being on a roller-coaster.

What else would a Soul experience as it moves towards the Spirit Realm?

The light appears to be layered, in the sense of getting brighter as the Soul enters it. The light appears to move from grey to bright white. The brightening of the light with the vibrational sound of its acceleration can make the Soul feel very revitalized.
At the point when the light appears the ‘densest,’ the Soul will be met by a welcoming group; either its Spirit guide and/or other familiar Spirits. Younger Souls may need comforting as they may carry the baggage of a difficult physical life. Older Souls may not even need to be met. Adjustment periods vary- usually depending on the level of the Soul’s advancement.
Be that as it may, energy forces of living consciousness guide each Soul through to the other side of the light.

What are the first images seen by the Soul after crossing the light into the Spirit Realm?

The first entity most Souls see as they enter the Spirit Realm is usually their Spirit guide and is met by feelings of love and encouragement. Sometimes the younger Souls are also met by deceased relatives or people who were important to their past or current lives. There is a strong feeling of home and familiarity.
Next there appears to be a ‘parting’ of the light and the appearance of what I would describe as a huge auditorium-like room filled with sparkles of bright fairy lights- like Christmas lights. The Soul ‘floats’ towards these. These ‘lights’ are the energy of other Souls. That is what Souls look like in the Spirit Realm. Like balls of energy. I’m sorry, but that is the best I can describe them.
Some of these energy/lights will be familiar to you as people you have known from past lives or in the Spirit Realm. These familiar energies are at the foreground, with literally millions of energy lights in the background- those are other Souls re-entering the Spirit Realm. Souls re-entering the Spirit Realm are slightly darker in colour that ones who have been there a while. Sometimes Souls are met by no-one, and this can be disconcerting for the younger Souls. Your meeting process is planned well in advance to make sure your entry is as easy as possible; and entry for each Soul is dependent on their particular needs. You are very much made to feel at home.

What is a ‘lost’ Soul?

Compared to the total number of Souls, there are relatively few so-called ‘lost’ Souls. Lost Souls are those Souls that do not cross over to the Spirit Realm. There are two types of lost Souls; they are either what we call Ghosts (discarnate Souls inhabiting a place) or Attached Souls (discarnate Souls inhabiting a body).
Ghosts choose to remain in a geographical location due to their high level of discontent- they usually exhibit despair, confusion and at times hostility. Attached Souls are more common. They attach to people and often have a negative impact on a person’s psyche and general well-being. People’s behaviour and/or thinking changes once these Souls infest a body. They affect or imprison our true Souls, often resulting in a person exhibiting anger, sadness, isolation, high levels of general frustration or addictive or other negative behaviours. These lost Souls, or “entities” as I call them, should be crossed-over during a Healing session.

In the Spirit Realm, are Souls accountable for their actions whilst in a physical body?

After the initial welcoming group has dispersed, the Soul is ‘pulled’ along on what appears to be a beam of white light, towards an area of healing; akin to a chamber. The light is warm and healing; it’s purpose: cleansing of hurts, de-scarring, rehabilitating the residues from the ravages of the physical body and human mind. All negativity, pain from memories and the last chains of the physical realm are let go of here. It’s like taking a cool shower on a hot day. The older and more experienced the Soul becomes, the less damaged it is upon return.
After this cleansing process, the Soul goes by way of a similar beam of white light to a comfortable, quiet place where a process of debriefing takes place. Teacher-Guides, who facilitate the debriefing, are gentle but probing. Nothing can be hidden from them. You cannot get away with anything in the Spirit Realm. Mistakes are admitted. Younger Souls are especially counselled. There is no such thing as punishment; the Souls themselves serve as their most severe critic in front of teacher-guides.
Souls are not created perfect, though perfection, or ‘enlightenment,’ is their goal. That is the reason they inhabit our physical bodies- to learn lessons in their journey towards enlightenment. Because Earth is a difficult environment for the Soul, being both a physical and a mental planet, Souls can become ‘contaminated’ or scarred by their interactions on our physical plane. Thus all Souls have the potential of damaging their energetic identities by poor life choices and limited ability to control the emotions and thoughts in their human body; and all Souls are accountable for their conduct in the physical bodies they occupy, though ‘punishment’ is not the correct way to describe this accountability.
All mistakes can be rectified in a later life where the Soul will have to come back and deal with the same issues over and over again until the ‘mistakes’ or issues are resolved- that is what we refer to as Karma. Souls rarely ever get it ‘perfect’ as new issues will evolve over time; over many lifetimes. All Souls try to follow through on agreed goals prior to entering the physical body. But when they don’t learn, or learn in only to a limited extent, they are not punishment. They go through a process of discussion and planning their next lifetime in order to mitigate the karma of previous lifetimes- they plan how to improve in later lifetimes. Suicides are generally sent immediately back to a physical body to repeat the same issues without death.
Again, Souls are more concerned with their mistakes than guides are; guides can be displeased but they do not humiliate Souls. They are too advanced for that. They explain, for example, how they put thoughts into the physical body that the Soul ignored, or signs that were missed, or opportunities wasted. Motivations are very important in a Soul’s development and are discussed in great detail.
The Soul’s motivations are questioned and dissected, but not condemned in such a way as to make the Soul suffer. Understanding and planning to right the wrongs committed. So this is not a process of exoneration because karma is still in play with respect to future lives. There is however at this point an overwhelming sense of forgiveness and understanding. This Spirit Realm has no time as we know it, so the learning process is eternal. What you don’t learn in this lifetime, you may learn in the next. Or a hundred lifetimes from now. There is no time urgency.