Spiritual healing is the ability to recognize and accept a Divine Power beyond our own intelligence. This Divine Power has the ability to provide inspiration, peace and guidance that goes beyond what is possible in the absence of power exists.

The basis of spiritual health is energy is transmitted from this Divine Power to a person who needs it. It works on the body, mind, and spirit. It is believed by spiritual healers that you can not heal only one part of a person, all three have to be healed. Spiritual Healing can held mental and emotional ailments that manifest in to physical ailments.

A Spiritual Healer is basically channeling healing energy from their own spiritual source to the person who needs the spiritual healing. The healing energy is usually transferred to the patient through lying on of hands. It is important to remember that the healing is not coming from the healer but through them. Spiritual healing does not require a healer to do. When you hold hands with another person and pray that is a form of spiritual healing.

The word spiritual is known widely as a divine source from something external or invisible to humans. This is available to everyone. Not just healers. Healers see the body, mind, and spirit as interdependent parts of a whole and must work in harmony with one another. This is not only a spiritual view point but it is supported by science and medical community.

Spiritual healing can help with any problem, mental, physical or emotional. Healers are especially effective for musculo-skeletal problems. When Spiritual Healing is seen as an additional source of healing to be used in correlation and combination with medicine; it can be a powerful source of energy to tap into.