Use Energy Healing to Heal the Elderly

As loved ones age, often they are plagued with health issues as a result of disease, chronic illness or simply as part of the natural aging process.

Ailments that the elderly may encounter are numerous, varying from high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, feebleness, broken bones, arthritis, emphysema, hepatitis, pneumonia, stroke and cancer or to memory loss due to age-related dementia or the slow devastation of Alzheimer.

Compassion Instead of Sympathy

It is very difficult to watch loved ones suffer or to see a once strong and independent person become helplessly dependent on others because they are unable to attend to their own personal needs. The natural emotion given them is usually sympathy. However, it is more important to extend compassion instead, which shouldn’t be confused with sympathy.

True compassion is unconditional. It is having the ability to feel or to know another person’s predicament (as if you are walking in their shoes) without the need to maintain control of the situation, the person or their surrounding environment. It is the ability to let go of feeling responsible, and to resist criticizing or making rash judgments.

Energy Healing can and does help the Elderly

By applying the fundamentals of compassion through traditional energy-based healing techniques, I can:

1. Help restore, energize or re-align the elderly to higher states of being – specifically the emotional, mental or spiritual levels, regardless of their declining physical condition.

2. Alleviate underlying fear or resistance.

3. Promote total relaxation.

4. Reduce pain or discomfort.

Healing elderly

5. Promote peace of mind, plus inner harmony.

6. Increase their overall comfort level.

7. Stimulate better or more open communication.

8. Build or restore more love and trust with self and others.

9. Release old issues at the subconscious level, past or present, that may prevent improvement or may impede a peaceful transition.

10. Provide more clarity and understanding so that they come to peaceful terms with their inevitable transition.

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