Two Dangers of Just
Positive Thinking

Alex Telman, spiritual and energy healer since 1979


Positive Thinking Isn’t A Good Or Bad Thing, But It Will Influence Your Life In Ways You Have No Idea Are Limiting You.

You may think or have been told that positive thinking is good, but it may be the very thing preventing you from living a life full of what you love: thoughts are what limit possibilities.

Truth 1: The Positive Doesn’t Exist Without The Negative

Positive and negative are perfectly connected, so you can’t have positive without negative—that’s the nature of polarity.

Since science has established that nothing is created nor destroyed, ask yourself: what happens to that negative when you only focus on positive? Where does it go?

The Problem: If You Focus On Being Positive, Negativity Is Dwelling Equally Within You, Too.

You’ll experience more negativity in your life, too, and if you judge the negative, it may become suppressed within you, or it will come out in people or circumstances around you.

If you’re always chasing positive, you’ll never arrive because it’s in perfect balance with negative, you just aren’t acknowledging the other side. The good news is, if you think you’re a really negative person, that’s not true either, you just aren’t acknowledging the positive in you.

Solution: Rather than thinking positively or negatively, connect with your heart more, which is naturally neutral. To escape the trap of chasing positive while denying negative, label no experience as negative or positive. But embrace how you feel when either a positive or negative charge arises.

Just Allow Yourself To Feel However You Feel.

“There is enormous power associated with allowing things to show up as they show up, by not having to fix, improve or change what shows up.” Amir Zoghi

Truth 2: You Limit Possibilities With Positive Thinking!

Your thinking analytical side of you, no matter how expansive is limited.

You probably would already have experienced how negative thoughts get in the way of what you desire.

Maybe you felt inspired to do something, and then a moment later, negative thoughts rush in to say why you cannot do it. Negative thoughts have the power to crush your desires if you allow them to affect your decisions with reasons why not.

But positive thoughts will also have an opinion about why you can do what you love.

Problem 1: Positive Thoughts Will Usually Only Give You Permission To Do What You Desire Based On Current Circumstances, Or At Best, Based On How Big Your Thinking Is.

What if your desires are bigger than your beliefs in yourself, or what you think is possible?

Thoughts can only be so big because they reference form, whereas imagination and creativity are formless—infinite!

The only thing that limits imagination are thoughts. If you want to experience unlimited possibilities, you must use imaginative creativity, which comes from your being, not thinking.

Hasn’t life delighted and surprised you with circumstances that you never have and probably never could have thought of before?

The Truth Is, Thinking Isn’t Required For You To Have What You Love.

If you consider a time where you felt expansive, like anything was possible, it most likely was a feeling that was moving you, not a lot of thinking. Effortless manifestation is a feeling process.

Problem 2: When You Try To Use Positive Thoughts To Manifest Your Desires, Aren’t You Actually Saying You Don’t Have It?

When you’re actively executing positive thoughts, it’s usually something you desire that you believe is in the future as if it’s something you have to attain. If you’re thinking positively in that way, there is a subtle blockage you may be creating: it’s as if you don’t have it.

Because, when you know that you’re truly abundant, do you really need to “think positively”? Don’t you just know that you’re abundant and that you can have anything that you love?

It’s kind of like deliberately sitting down on your sofa and actively thinking positive thoughts about having a glass of water when you’re aware it’s already in the kitchen? All you need to do is go and pour yourself a glass.

The Solution: Be One With What You Love As If You Already Have It.

You don’t need to be positive, or negative; be neutral and what you love manifests naturally from a place in your soul.

“An infinite being simply chooses and uses.” ~ Amir Zoghi

True abundance is not just hoping or believing, it’s a deep knowing that you are one with what you love and love is infinite. It’s impossible for what you love NOT to manifest, unless of course you think it is!!

Don’t take our words for it, experience these truths for yourself.

But If You Can’t Help Thinking… Make Sure You Think Really Big!

Are you ready to become your best self?