The benefits of meditation are multidimensional and numerous; I have outlined 100 benefits of meditation for you (read here =>>) .

Regular practice helps to improve health, sharpens and clears the mind, and brings practitioners closer to knowing themselves in relation to the whole. Here are 10 reasons why meditation is a wise idea:

  1. The physical benefits of meditation are vast, and include improvements to cardiovascular health, resulting from a slowing heart rate, a more steady pace of breathing, and an increase of blood flow to the heart.
  2. The regular practice of meditation can improve the functioning of the immune system, due in part to the stimulation of blood flow and in part to the reduction of stress. Meditation can help the body fight off cellular damage.
  3. The reduction in stress levels brought about by meditation makes for improvements to the mind and body. Stress is one of the main components of physical and mental illness. This reduction in stress can even lead to improvements in the symptoms chronic illnesses.
  4. Meditation has been shown to help individuals manage pain, and is therefore very useful for anyone who has an illness which causes them to experience regular discomfort.
  5. The mental health industry now takes meditation very seriously, and many counseling techniques now integrate it into mental health care. It can help people to balance their emotional states such as anger and confusion, and can help people to overcome depression and anxiety.
  6. Meditation leads to introspection, which inevitably means its practitioners come to know and understand themselves better. Many people describe a union with their true self, and feel they become closer to knowing who they are, and how they relate to the whole.
  7. This introspection often leads to increased self esteem, and a more positive, empathetic and compassionate outlook on life. This could also be a result of physiological changes, such as an increase in serotonin which can be seen in practitioners.
  8. Meditation is peaceful. Many people live busy lives and the simple act of taking a break is rewarding in itself. During the meditative state, many practitioners describe a feeling of peace; one which carries over to everyday life.
  9. Productivity tends to increase with frequent practice of meditation. Perhaps it is the health benefits, the reduction of stress, the flow of blood, the chemical changes. Perhaps it is the mental clarity and the ability to stay in the present moment. The relaxed state that meditation tends to bring about can help practitioners become more productive in other aspects of their life.
  10. Meditation ultimately leads to an increased ability to live in the moment. This makes for a more mindful, rich, and rewarding life.