Alex Telman’s Afterlife Workshop

This is not an event aimed at debating spiritual or religious theories; this is a practical event that does not require you to hold any particular religious, spiritual, or any other belief. All the information and exercises you will learn can be applied by you, to connect with spirit and transform your life.

I conduct intensive Workshops in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane (other cities by request only).

These Events are only offered a few times each year. Act quickly before you miss your chance as places are strictly limited by the size of the room; so please book early to secure your place.

The Events I conduct are Fast, Fun, Powerful and their effect is Permanent

Alex will canvass the following topics:

What happens immediately after you die?

What does the afterlife look like?

How do you select your body and family before reincarnating?

What is your true purpose in this lifetime?

How can you achieve your true Life Purpose?

plus: Practical exercises: How to Connect with Deceased Loved Ones.