Questions to Ask a Healer

The most important questions to ask a healer.

Whether or not you choose to book your healings with me, I have compiled for you a list of questions you should ask any healer before you commit to having them help you.  And, as I believe these questions are important for you to have answered by your prospective healer, I have answered them for you as they apply to me.  So, let us begin.

1. How long have you been a healer?

If you are dealing with long standing, deep seated issues, then choose a healer who is highly experienced and has the option of longer and more powerful sessions if required.  If you are wanting a little freshening up, say, an energy healing only, then a less experienced healer may be suitable.

ME: I have been healing people since the age of three and  I have been a professional healer for 40 years. Since 1979.

2.  When and how did you discover your healing abilities?

It is important to know how long your healer has been practicing.  For the simple reason that you want someone who is experienced.  It is also important to know how they discovered their healing ability.  You don’t want a healer who read a book and decided to start a practice.  So always ask how long they have been practicing and how their healing journey began. 

ME:  My first spiritual memory was at the age of three- in 1959.  I lived near a river in Wroclaw, Poland.  I was at a picnic with a number of families, including my own.  We were on a grassy embankment and I must have had my mouth open when a bee flew in.  I must have become horizontal and found myself enveloped in a red cocoon.  I was transported to what I now know to be the spirit realm.  I felt warm and comfortable and I clearly remember being shown many fascinating things.  After I recovered from this experience people started to come to my home to be healed.  If you are interested please read Emma Sargent’s book:The Healer: Conversations with Alex Telman”  I have been healing people since the age of three in 1959 and I have been a professional healer since 1979.

3. Did you pursue any training to help you hone your skills as a healer?

I believe it is insufficient for a healer to just tell you, “It is a natural gift.”   Virtually everyone has some healing ability.  For example, a mother who has a crying, ill child will put her hand on that child’s forehead and the child will stop crying and almost immediately feel better.  That in itself, is healing.  But in order to become a professional healer, that mother will have to learn specific techniques relevant to her craft.  Many of these techniques are thousands of years old and need to be learnt from ‘masters’- they do not come naturally.

ME:  Yes, I have the natural ability to see energies and to interpret them.  Indeed, I also have the natural ability to remove energies and to connect to spirit. HOWEVER, it took me many years of study with great masters to learn to control and manage these energies, and to perfect distance healing with exacting accuracy and strength.  To achieve this I studies with masters in Afghanistan, Jerusalem, Stockholm, London, Paris and Australia.

4.  Have you done anything else apart from healing?

My attitude is that it is important for a healer to have real world experience.  How else is the healer able to truly understand not only what you are going through, but also how what you are going through energetically impacts on your real-world in terms of your relationships, business, family and professional life?  Without understand how your energies impact on your real-world life, how else can they advise you?

ME:  I have vast real-world commercial and other experience.  Whilst operating my healing practice, I have been a barrister at law (primarily at the request of a client), a building consultant (at the request of a client), a university lecturer, teacher and managed a chain of retail stores (in partnership with a client).   In addition I have and continue to travel experiencing different cultures and ways of thinking, and I have always and continue to study beyond my healing specialties.

5. Is one healing session enough?

Rarely.  Especially with respect to distance healing.  What is critical with respect to distance healing is the constant flow of energy over a period of time; the draining of negative energy, the release of positive energy, and then the balancing of the energy body.  Always ask a healer: “How many sessions are required?” – Keep in mind that it is unlikely that the full extent of any healers abilities can be felt in only one session.

ME:  I offer you 3 programs that cover most healing needs.

A.  Energy healing which involved the draining of negative energies,  the release of positive energy, and then the balance of your energy body.  This type of healing is idea if you constantly feel tired, or need a new lease of life.

B.  The far more powerful Spiritual and Energy healing involves the release of attached entities, curses, past life vows, demonic entities, and so on.  THEN after such release I drain you of residual negative energy, allow your positive energy to flow, then balance your energy body.

C.  Urgent healing is even more powerful.  Similar in structure to B, I make sure it is more powerful because of the urgency of you situation.

6.  WHAT happens AFTER my healing session?

A spiritual and / or energy healing session will help you greatly.  HOWEVER what a healing session cannot do is get rid of memories.  It is therefore very important that you ask how your healer can help you after  your healing session.  If the answer is, “nothing!” my suggestion is: RUN.  Why?  Because intense negative memories can potentially rebuild the negative energies your healer removed.  And you don’t want that!

ME:  I will not only clear your negative energies, I give also give you straightforward, practical activities to protect yourself, and keep energies your high after your healing session.  These activities, if you practice them, will help you over your lifetime.

7.  What will I feel like after my healing treatment?

If your healer says, “I cannot guarantee how you will feel because it will depend upon where you are at in your healing journey,” RUN. 

ME:  Most clients feel lighter, calmer, more inspired, free and relaxed.  Some clients initially experience an emotional release and can feel temporarily flat, emotional or tired; for these clients the emotional release may be needed for a shift to occur.  If you experience such an emotional release I will be there for you.  

8.  As the client what are your responsibilities?  

If your healer tells you that you do not have to do anything; that after your healing everything will be wonderful: RUN.  Your healer should give you insights for your happiness and give you sound, practical advice as to how you can keep your energies high.  

ME:  I will tell you the truth so you should be ready to hear it.  So, if you are willing to hear the truth, contact me and I will definitely help you.  The insights I have will make sense to you and, if you listen to my instructions (simple and practical), your energies will be higher than you ever expected.  

9.  How long does it take to get better?

If your healer tells you, “One session.” RUN.  There are  many reasons why a program of healings works whilst one healing session is a quick fix that wears off.  You have had your issues for a long time so why assume they can be fixed in one, instant session?

ME:  I do not believe in the ‘quick fix.’  I believe in permanent solutions.  Of course you can expect to feel better at least in some small way starting from the first session.  Some clients experience a major shift after one distance healing session, and that’s great.  But the real work happens over a period of time.  That is why my sessions run continually for 2 – 4 weeks.  Sometimes longer.  That is the reality.  If you feel like I am the healer for you – then go for it….you have everything to gain!

10.  Can you share any feedback you’ve had from your clients after their healings?

My opinion is that your healer should have previous client  testimonials.  This is because  testimonials add credibility and legitimacy to their healing practice.  Testimonials make prospective clients (you) feel more comfortable and confident in their abilities.  I feel, therefore, that testimonials are very important.

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