Transforming YOU

Do you feel constantly sad or upset?
Are you feeling depressed about your future?
Is anxiety keeping you from enjoying your life?

I will teach you how to be happy, confident and motivated and become positive, optimistic and assertive.

If strong negative emotions smother your joy and happiness, I have the answer for you.


“The human mind is capable of constant change and it is never too late to learn new positive skills.  My 8 Day Program will teach you how to heal yourself and how to love life again.  I  have taught this program for many years,; not only to adults but to children as well.  The personal changes for people who do as I teach have been dramatic.  If the whole family participates, then everyone will blossom.” -Alex Telman

I will work with you for EIGHT days and teach you how to lose sadness, depression and anxiety. I will teach you how to find happiness and fall in love with yourself and with life again.; with every area of your life.

This program is for you, and if you desire, your partner and family. 

I will mentor you personally with specific activities that will change the way you look at yourself and everything else in your world. I have been teaching these activities for 40 years and they work. They will work for you.

I will send you simple instruction every day.

Day 1 we begin with a simple activity that will take you 4-5 minutes every night. No, it isn’t meditation.

Day 2 we take that simple 5 minute activity and we overlay a second activity at night whilst doing the first activity.

Day 3 we build on the first 2 activities and introduce a third activity at night whilst doing the first two activities. Still only 5 minutes and they work brilliantly together. It won’t be difficult; just takes a little practice.

Day 4 we apply the first three activities to your daytime hours. You will feel amazing.

Activities 1, 2 and 3 have now been combined into one activity; let’s call this PART A

Day 5 while you practice PART A, we learn and apply a fourth activity. Very straightforward.

Day 6 we modify, then practice, activity four into a fifth activity; let’s call this PART B 

Day 7 we learn how to lock-step PARTS A and B into our daily life.

Day 8 we put everything you have learnt into practice.

Easy. Practical. Fun.


I will give you a series of activities that are easy, practical and fun. These activities will attack your overthinking, seriousness and isolation. Working together we will release your natural, playful, loving energy. And I will be by your side every step of the way.

We will work together for 8 days. We will communicate every day. I will support you every step of the way. When you have a question, I will answer it. If you forget to do the work, I will remind you. If you make a ‘mistake’, I will fix it for you. I will work with you until you ‘get it’ and most people get it very quickly.

Surprise yourself.

If you have tried everything else, give this a try.

If not for you, order this for a partner or friend.

Again: I have 40 years experience doing this work.

Eight (8) days to your complete transformation (limit of 4 clients per week so book now): $360 (Australian dollars)… special reduced from $587 (save $227.00)

URGENT TRANSFORMATION: Jump the queue and start immediately: $460 (Australian dollars)… special reduced from $687 (save $227.00)

Your Complete Transformation in 8 Days


I am now mentally strong and healthy… moving forward due to Alex Telman.  His knowledge, amazing exercises, focused treatment methods and unwavering care and attention are qualities that make him a standout in his field.  He is the best… – Jason, London

After 35 years of sadness and worry, I have begun to live. Truly quick, painless and powerful transformation… – Shelley, LA

Thank you Alex for being a great teacher in my life. I know I have been a difficult client. I was hard on myself and you! I needed to “get it” and I have. Blessings… – Jill, London

Dear Alex, thank you very much for your counselling that I recently received. I really do appreciate your guidance and your belief in me. – Debbie, New York

Alex, I can’t thank you enough for your help, support and wisdom. Much love… – Karyn, Sydney

Alex, I don’t know if words can capture what it is I’d like to say to you. You are invaluable. Everyday you touch people’s hearts and open them up to love. It is beautiful, you are beautiful. Thank you for everything. – Lucy, Melbourne

You have done so much for me and I am truly grateful for your loyalty and sincerity; and for pushing me on. I am doing really well, thank you… – Kaya, New York

Dearest Alex, I just want to say you have been so kind, supportive and patient. I really value our time together and want to thank you for listening (and being sooo very patient with me). I very much admire, respect and look up to you Alex. You are a priceless gem. – Amanda, London

Your unique approach and your insights and experience truly helped me. I was a difficult client, but you were so accepting and helpful… You changed my life… – Viv, London

On a scale of 1 to 10, I give this program 11. This training has been inspiring, challenging and enjoyable AND it truly truly works… I have never been so happy in my life. Thank you. – Alison, Los Angeles

You have very much transformed the way I look at life… Extremely enjoyable, enlightening and practical, this training has at time been deep, but I felt supported throughout. You have made (it) so easy and the skills I have now are life long… – Bill, London

After 8 days it’s as if I have woken from a dream. Bless you. – Katie, Brisbane

This training developed not only the confidence and ability to love life again, but also gave me invaluable skills to help those people in my business and my family to make a real difference in our lives… – Heather, London

I love it! Absolutely. I have never felt so free yet productive in my life! For me it is easier to feel love and be focused… absolutely magic…– Jan, Durban

There is something magic about what you do Alex. You have brought bliss and joy to my life. Thank you very much. Wonderful program. – Trudy, Germany

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