I offer you 2 courses.

Earn your Diploma in Personal Development.

Earn your Diploma in Spiritual and Energy Healing.

Personal Development Course.

My Clients: At the outset, let me make one thing very clear; my clients are generally successful, seemingly well-adjusted people from all walks of life. But they do have one thing in common: they all feel that they are under-performing, that somehow no matter how successful they are, their lives are not working the way they wish.

During this 10 day training program I will show you exactly how to make your life work the way you want it to work. Your Winning Formula is simple, practical and, most importantly, it works! But this course is much, much more.

I will not only outline and support your Winning Formula, I will also how to teach the Winning Formula to other people. You will learn about holding face to face sessions, seminars, workshops and skype sessions.

Your 10 day training can be held in my Brisbane office or in Vietnam (more details here =>>>)

Personal Development Training – click here =>>>

Healing Practitioner Training

“Know that you are already a healer. Becoming a professional healer is just a matter of waking up your healing energies, learning how to manage those energies, then having the confidence to put that knowledge into practice. I will teach you how to master all three.

I will teach you methods of healing that I have developed over many years – both through my innate healing abilities and my learning to manage those healing energies from the great masters around the world.”

Anyone can learn Energy Healing.

Everyone has healing energies inside them that can be unlocked.

I will unlock your healing energies and train you how to manage those energies when healing yourself and others.

Healing Practitioner Training – click here =>>>

Your 10 day training can be held in my Brisbane office or in Vietnam (more details here =>>>)

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