Regular Energy Boosts

Regular Energy Boosts.





There is a force inside of you that harmonizes everything – your energy body. And if you know how to work with it, you are capable of achieving so much more than you do today.

Most people have forgotten how to nurture and harness this energy in our modern world and you scratch your head and wonder why you feel so fatigued and stressed; in fact, you allow your happiness and purpose fall by the wayside.

Let me release this energy for you and show you how powerful you truly are.

Come on! Give it a try!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Some benefits clients have reported from their regular energy boosts:

  Less pain & tension in your body
  Less mental and physical fatigue
  Recharging of their energy levels
  Better sleep that actually restores you
  Less chronic headaches
  Reduced emotional traumas
  Reduced bad habits and addictions
  Feel and look younger

There is nothing like this available anywhere else. Your regular energy boosts are a living, breathing, resource that you can come back to again and again, to be come happier, to grow and to become more productive in your life.


Please note that in addition to your regular distance energy boosts I will also send you weekly activities to keep your energies high. I will teach you simple yet powerful practices for health, clarity, and happiness. You WILL fall in love with life again.


1 Boost per week: $27 AUD

3 Boosts per week: $39 AUD

5 Boosts per week: 57 AUD

7 Boosts per week (daily boosts) for the price of 5: $57 AUD

Regular Energy Boost:


Some Energy Boost Testimonials

This is just what I needed… Jason, Sth Africa


I haven’t slept so well in years… Beatrice, USA


I am so much more productive than I can remember… Diva, India


I have been feeling drained and depleted… your regular energy boosts have made all the difference… Jo, Australia


I feel like I just got a second wind and can finish a few things I was going to put off…  Thank you so much… Stella, Scotland


Thank u, that was quick and effective… Kyle, Sydney


Wow!!! The more sessions I do the better I feel!!! … Bobbie, USA


I am going through a challenging time, but in the space of 2 weeks things are changing dramatically. I am no longer exhausted and I am falling in love with life again… Ian, UK


I am an Energy Healer and have tried a lot of different modalities in the past – Your healing is quick, simple and has given me results fast! … Christina, Australia


That felt so GOOD! I never thought of disentangling from my expectations of what I thought my energy… Barry, Perth


Your regular healing sessions have cleared my head, and I feel more optimistic! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I will recommend regular energy boosts to all my friends… Emma, New Zealand


Wonderful… most amazing… Craig, Australia


Best part is you don’t even need to know what is happening, what is troubling you, no reasoning, no analysis… this just works… a lot of resistance released ! Still feeling the “blah” energy moving out : ) thank you…  Harriette, Canada

… deep peace I have not felt in years... Jenny, USA


Thank you….I am so grateful… Allain, France


Regular Energy Boost:

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